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WTF Wednesday 2/5

What has you saying WTF today?

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Re: WTF Wednesday 2/5

  • WTF to being tired all the time. I slept for over 8 hours last night and I was still EXHAUSTED this morning. I'm blaming it on pregnancy but who knows. I nearly fell asleep on the couch at 8pm last night after putting DD to bed lol
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  • @greyl I'm nauseous all the time and the only thing that helps is snacking, so I'm chowing down constantly. The whole "only gain 1-3 pounds in first trimester" is not going to happen lol
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  • @elsie42 I passed out just past 8 last night. Just could not stay awake any more. Which was fun since H had left for work. So I put on the TV in my room and shut the door and DS just sat and watched a show. I'm so glad he's such a good kid.
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  • WTF to the weather here. Yesterday was +2c. Today is -13c. Brrr!
    Momma to 3 angels and one amazing boy.
    Due with #2 September 2020

  • WTF to my attention span lately. I feel like I'm moving at the pace of a snail and I can't stay focused on a task for more than 2 minutes without my mind wandering. 

    @elsie42 + @mflowers929: +1 to passing out super early every night. I fall asleep on the couch now every night before 9 p.m. lol
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  • My wtf is that I am only a little over 7wks and I have pasta aversion. Nevermind that pasta is my favorite food, the baby hates it. I have thrown up three times in pasta related incidents. One of which was just from smelling it cooking. However, since I enjoy hitting my head against a wall, I made a bowl this morning and it tasted like dirt with a hint of ammonia. This is an unwarranted escalation. After only three bites and two hours, I am still nauseous and a little bitter. 
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    I've gained 4 lbs already. WTF. I'm. so. round.  (Not baby, I know. Just carbs and bloating.) 
  • So I experienced a charley horse cramp in my stomach muscles today puking. Wtf. 
  • Okay, WTF to my weight loss. I went to work today, ate a normal amount, drank a ton, and I weigh less now than I did this morning... By like 2 lbs.
    Momma to 3 angels and one amazing boy.
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  • WTF to it only being Wednesday. My days are all mixed up. I thought yesterday was Wednesday, and I'm so tired. 

    @mflowers929 are you peeing a lot? it could just be water weight that you lost. Bloat fluctuates throughout the day.
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  • @hangryhedgehog I am right there with you! But according to my spreadsheet I am still within normal range so I’ll keep shoving my face in a fruitless attempt to feel better. 
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  • WTF to the two witchy ladies at the Ford dealership today. I forgot to mention that I was getting my fleet vehicle serviced using my fleet card. You’d have thought it was the end of the world. They spent more time being jerks about it than what it actually took to file the work on my card. 🙄 Next time I’ll make sure I schedule my service when Mr. Nowell (the guy who helped me the last time) is working even if it’s less convenient. 

  • @macheno nope! Not even!
    Momma to 3 angels and one amazing boy.
    Due with #2 September 2020

  • Last night, went out for a celebratory dinner with the in-laws in town and shared our exciting news. Ate sablefish, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach. So good. I've been normally gassy throughout the evenings, but last night was especially bad. I'm already waking up every 2-3 hrs to pee so I'm unrested, then I was surprised at how annoyed my husband got for me causing such a stink at 3am that he had to leave the room for fresh air. I can't help myself and my slower, digestive tract!
  • @corngirl Boooooo! I hate it when people who work in customer service get all in a tizzy over things that make them work a little bit harder at their job. People are people and mistakes happen- being rude over said mistakes is never the answer. 
    Me: 36, H: 37 | Married: 10/15/16 | DS#1: 7/18/04 | DS#2: 4/18/19
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  • WTF to this horrible constipation. Nothing is helping! I’m so uncomfortable. 
  • WTF yesterday before my appointment I tried to drink a lot of water because I knew they'd want me to pee in a cup and take blood but I threw up all morning instead. They tried and tried but in the end I had to drink 3 mini water bottles during my appointment for them to finally get a vein at the end. I completely forgot that very early appointments are a no go for me when I am pregnant.
  • I have so many WTFs
    1. Constipation - like really, this sucks
    2. My twins are sick again (they have been rotating illness since two days before christmas and I'm over it).
    3. My dad is in the hospital again (he's notoriously unhealthy and may have accidentally overdosed on his chronic opioids (seriously f$*K the doctor who got him addicted 15 years ago) because he was having ear pain but it looks like he has a lot of other issues and he lives 1500 miles away from me so I can't just pop in to see him)
    4. My house has been on the market for 90 days and still hasn't sold - housing market decided to slow to a halt as soon as I moved; paying two mortgages for the last 5 months or so has sucked
    5. I'm starving and when I go to eat my appetite disappears; I just want to eat

    Okay, complaining over

    On the bright side, I had my first OB appt on wednesday. Baby looks good with a small SCH; but they are willing to give me a chance for a VBAC so I'm stoked!

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