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Has anyone been able to find a B6 Vitamin below 100 mg?

slimjen85slimjen85 member
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The nurse was the least helpful! I've looked everywhere and the only reputable brand is through GNC, where you have to pay shipping. The nurse said Walgreens...nope, even looked online. The nurse said Nature Made on Amazon...nope, nothing less than 100 mg. The nausea is getting worse by the day and I'm looking for relief!


  • We have a natural food store here where I got them. I thinkThey were 25 mg ones. But I also have 100 mg ones that I just cut. It’s not perfect but it works. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    *lurking* I ended up getting the preggie pops plus hard candies since I couldn't find the B6 below 100mg.  They have 10mg per piece 
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  • I found a brand at a family owned pharmacy near me. They're 50mg but I'm taking them. I'm actually living off them lol. I take 1 before bed and one at lunch. It's definitely helping, but I'm still a little wheezy.
  • Thank you!! I didn't mean to start a whole new board for this! I ended up finding 25 mg at The Vitamin Shoppe and I can't wait to start taking them today. 
  • @slimjen85 I am taking B6. My Ob gave me a prescription for 100mg tablets, but the dosage us just to take half a pill once per day.
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  • *lurking*
    I used these a lot in the beginning, and (sorry to say) at the end of both pregnancies too. 

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