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Empty gestational sac at 5w2days

I've had great beta levels (Monday was 2341, and today (Weds) 5455), and the doctor did a transvaginal ultrasound which only showed a small gestational sac and nothing else. The doctor wants me to come back next week to see if anything else has developed. She expected at 5 weeks to see a yolk sac at least. Does this sound like a blighted ovum? 

Re: Empty gestational sac at 5w2days

  • I will ech what PP said, my doctor office will not even do an US until at least six weeks.  Anything sooner tends to worry parents when nothing is seen.  
    [Deleted User]stassischroederMalidocious
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  • Nope! It sounds like you ovulated later :) Try not to worry yourself, @lizal I know easier said than done.
    Malidocious[Deleted User]
  • Also, for the record @lizal I'm 5w and at my u/s last week I had an empty sac too. Solidarity. 
    [Deleted User]
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