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Cholestasis-scared and need advice

Hi. I am new and need advice. At 15 weeks I had some itching, on my back, legs and arms. My doctor ran bile acids and they were 11. Liver enzymes and everything else was normal. I have no other symptoms of cholestasis, no pale stool or dark urine, no nausea, no jaundice, no pain in abdomen etc, and the itchiness is mild with no itching in palms or soles.

Due to them being over 10, my doctor is having me tested in 3 weeks and he said we may need to deliver at 36-37 weeks. I am just wondering If anyone had any experience or knowledge where there can be mild cases, since mine is barely over 10, where the delivery doesnt need to be done so early. 

should i be tested before 3 weeks, and is there anything I can do to naturally try to get the bile acids down? I know the prescription medicine may be prescribed if it goes up. I am obviously very scared at the thought of needing to deliver this early and having cholestasis.

Re: Cholestasis-scared and need advice

  • Anything over 10 should be an ICP diagnosis. Your levels will continue to rise the later in pregnancy you get. Those rising levels will cause damage to the placenta. ICP is very manageable but you must be placed on Urso to keep levels under control and you must deliver by 36-37 weeks to prevent increased risk of late term fetal demise. I recommend visiting 
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  • I had it and was diagnosed around the same time as you. My baby went into distress at 34 weeks and I had her at 35 weeks. She was perfectly healthy at seven pounds 9 ounces and no issues so don't be worried about delivering earlier because it is much safer than keeping the baby in at that time. Toward the end your bile acid levels shoot way up and you have to be on the urso to protect your baby. But even with urso, baby is better off out than in once they hit 36 week mark. I had to have constant monitoring in 3rd trimester. Just remember if at any time you think to yourself babys movement decreased at all you go in to labor and delivery. I wasnt going to go in, i was going to blow it off. Glad i did. is a great site.
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