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Cholestasis-scared and need advice

Hi. I am new and need advice. At 15 weeks I had some itching, on my back, legs and arms. My doctor ran bile acids and they were 11. Liver enzymes and everything else was normal. I have no other symptoms of cholestasis, no pale stool or dark urine, no nausea, no jaundice, no pain in abdomen etc, and the itchiness is mild with no itching in palms or soles.

Due to them being over 10, my doctor is having me tested in 3 weeks and he said we may need to deliver at 36-37 weeks. I am just wondering If anyone had any experience or knowledge where there can be mild cases, since mine is barely over 10, where the delivery doesnt need to be done so early. 

should i be tested before 3 weeks, and is there anything I can do to naturally try to get the bile acids down? I know the prescription medicine may be prescribed if it goes up. I am obviously very scared at the thought of needing to deliver this early and having cholestasis.

Re: Cholestasis-scared and need advice

  • @wildrainbow Do you know a bit about this?
  • Cholestasis has to do with your liver not functioning correctly. I'd look up ways to support liver function. That's what I would think could help if anything will. 
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  • @casey301 I've had Cholestasis for my last 2 live birth pregnancies. One case was mild and one was severe. Both resulted in early delivery. The reason being is that after 37 weeks the risk of stillbirth is high. The bile acids are in your blood stream and cross the placental barrier, so they effect baby. Your dr will probably do bloodwork every month or so and put you on ursodial to help control them. Even if you text negative on your bike a is it just means that the urso is working and not that Cholestasis has gone away. You may or may not have liver disfunction, that is a secondary issue with Cholestasis. Feel free to PM if you have any more questions. 
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