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OPK questions!

DH and I have started actively TTC. I am 35 so I'm not messing around lol, so I bought some opk's to help in the process. I'm not tracking my temp or anything (yet). I got an almost positive Friday night, a for sure positive Saturday morning, and a negative Saturday night. We had sex Saturday night. From what I understand ovulation happens after a positive correct? So would negative Saturday night mean I could possibly be ovulating or close to it? I assume my surge was at it's peak Saturday morning. I'm just looking for others experiences with opk's! Thank you so much for any input/advice!

Re: OPK questions!

  • It depends on how concentrated your urine was at the time of testing. Most tests recommend testing in the afternoon and limiting your water intake for four hours prior to testing, but others recommend testing with FMU, but that can give you false readings. That being said, if you tested properly, then it sounds like you got your LH surge on Saturday morning, and ovulated that evening. Once released, a mature egg only survives for about 12-24 hours (some places say up to 48 but that sounds like BS to me, but whatevs). So yeah, sounds like you got okay timing if that's the case.
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  • It depends on the test and what the manufacturer recommends. Opks are super confusing and I am on my 3rd cycle using them. 
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  • I didn't test with fmu because I heard you weren't supposed to. So I'm pretty sure it was a legit positive but they can be so confusing! I have tested with wondfo in the past and I tend to get too many false positives. I tried Dr. kea's this month and they seem to be a little more reliable .we will see! I hate the tww!
  • They are confusing! I'm trying a different brand and so far I like them better. They seem to give me a more accurate reading. What brand do you use?
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    @babylavender2020 I use wondfo and mine are working great. I have a super fast surge and I just caught my surge 10 minutes ago. I also use my easy@home app to decipher them. Have you tried that? 

    Eta that the app hac a test to control ratio and that is what helps me see my actual surge vs a "positive" 
  • I haven't tried that but maybe I will. It seems like my surge seems to be brief as well. It was positive and then bam, negative. I'm trying to get the hang of it all lol. I'm also listening to my bodies ovulation cues. I'm going to see what happens this month and then adjust things if needed. maybe start temping, but that also confuses me! Good luck, sounds like you need to get busy soon 😄
  • I use MomMed internet cheapies (that I'm considering tossing out and getting Wondfos instead) and Clear Blue Advanced Digital since those monitor both estrogen and LH.
    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

  • @babylavender2020 I only use the Clearblue advanced digital OPKs and they work great and have been very accurate for me. They say to use FMU in the instructions and I do that and I’ve never had a false reading/ positive yet. 
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