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Vacation after baby

My fiancé and I are getting married in November and are trying to decide if we should go on a honeymoon. The baby will be about 8 months. I’m just worried if he is still breast feeding. 

Re: Vacation after baby

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    I don't think I've seen you post on here before, but that could be me. This would be a great post under "January Questions." That said, are you saying you would go on the honeymoon and leave the baby with friends or family or would the baby go with you? Either way, you can make it work. I EBF all my babies, and although I've never left without them under a year, I have MANY times taken them with me on vacations. This one will be coming at 2 months! If you are leaving the baby, you'll have to pump etc and whether or not you could save the milk would depend on where you were etc. But you could build up a nice supply by 8 months, so you could leave plenty for the baby, who will take less at 8 months anyway and be eating some foods :)

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    Thank you. I don’t post often but I have. I would be leaving him with grandparents and we were only doing to do 4 or 5 nights. So we will see how breastfeeding goes.
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    @nurseandftm I would say it depends if you are still breastfeeding at 8 months. Because even if you were planning to pump and dump during your trip and not worry about storing the milk, you'd still have to pump regularly to keep up your supply. If it were me, I might put the trip off until after 12 months so I could do it once I weaned the baby and not worry about pumping at all. 12 months was also the time that I felt like my baby was "easy" enough that my family could take care of her without me being excessively worried about it. So in sum, 8 months would work, but 12 months or beyond would be less of a hassle overall.
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