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Product Spotlight Series: Baby (6-9m) summer/fall essentials

The Product Spotlight Series continues! Each week we spotlight a new category of product. If you discover something new or are new to the board, you're welcome to comment on threads like these throughout your time here, not just when it's their week in the spotlight.

Answer the questions below or just riff on your thoughts/experiences of the product. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome! Links are always helpful! This week it's... Baby (6-9m) summer/fall essentials.

What are your fave products for babies during summer/fall? What do they NEED? What's just cute to have?
Any particular brands you are partial to? 
Anything for spring/winter people will tell you is essential but is not?

Any summer/fall products you're looking at? Any brands in particular?
Any questions about what is essential for baby versus what is just cute?
Anything for summer/fall people have told you is essential but you're not sure if it is?

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Re: Product Spotlight Series: Baby (6-9m) summer/fall essentials

  • So babies under 6mo can’t wear sunscreen, that makes it kind of hard to go out and do things in the summer since you really just have to keep them shaded! It’s not too bad with one kid (you just avoid the peak sun times and stay in the shade) but I’m wondering how this will go with DS who loves to play outdoors! 

    Things I loved to help with this were long sleeve rash guards, bucket hats, the fact that our Bob stroller has a huge sun cover, out pop up beach cabana!

    New to try this time: we got a portable play yard that has a cover on top to block sun. We actually got it for DS to sleep on vacation bc he outgrew his pnp but still needed a crib. Now it’ll be for outings with the baby that are too sunny! 

    Honestly once he was over 6 mo we still pretty much tried to avoid peak sun times and I keep him covered (still love those rash guards and bucket hats)/in the shade as much as possible but now use sunscreen in addition and it’s fine when he runs and plays in the sun a bit! It’s honestly helped me be better about sunscreen for myself bc I’d always forget to reapply it but I don’t forget when it’s for my kid now so I just reapply to us both! 

    Things that are just cute: baby sunglasses, they are hilarious but for us didn’t really stay on or do any good. We tried a few kinds, (regular sunglasses, the kinds with the strap, etc...) It could be that DS was really big headed so he pretty much needed toddler size as a baby and now wears the largest kid size or small adult (we share sunglasses and hats now 🤣) 
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  • Something that may be obvious but that I wasn't really prepared for - how differently babies can size up into new clothing sizes.  For DS1, he was in NB for about a month then at least spent a few months in each new clothing size, staying fairly close to his age - maybe sizing up a little earlier than he turned the age for those clothes.  For DS2, he chunked up SO fast and was sizing up to the next size monthly, wearing things way before he was the same age as them.  I have friends with babies who stayed pretty small and took forever to size up too.  While it is good to get some clothing items in multiple sizes, I'd caution against too much prepurchasing with the season in mind.  What I have done (and works even better now that my boys are older and not growing as fast) is to collect things one size up from their current size when there are good sales or clearance - building up a good variety of staples so that when I finally notice the pants are getting too short/too tight, I can have a stash of things to swap over to and fill in any gaps for the season with a run to Target or Carters.
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  • Totally agree @kailanae  I feel like my kids were only in newborn for a couple weeks, and were in 6m clothes by 3-4 months old.

    @varimama what’s your favorite baby sunscreen for once they are 6m? My husband always complains about the one with heavy zinc oxide because it’s hard to rub in and they look like 👻 

    I hope this is still close enough to
    the topic here, but I keep thinking about what I am going to wear this summer lol. I had November babies before and lots of time to lose baby weight before summer. I am trying to picture what in the world is going to feel cute and comfy for nursing this summer and also what kind of bathing suit.  My legs are wrecked with the varicose veins so I don’t see myself wanting to wear shorts or skirts. I’m guessing linen pants and tanks 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @uno_mas we use coppertone baby. They have a pure line now that I might try this year or maybe I should look into a better kind. I mean it worked fine and he’s never gotten a sunburn but idk how healthy it is for skin. There are so many kinds it’s overwhelming..

    For you to wear I mean honestly I went with comfort over looks so I still wore shorts and tanks. I do wear one piece swimsuit now though. I also really like Maxi skirts and dresses so maybe those will help you if you want to hide your legs but still want some cooling! 
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  • I loved dressing my daughter for summer! So many cute clothes. Like @varimama said, no sunscreen until 6 months so hats and shade are essential. If it’s not too hot, you can use a light muslin swaddle over the stroller like a little shade canopy. But be aware—-this can get really hot really quickly so definitely monitor the temp frequently and make sure there’s plenty of fresh air getting in.

    like @kailanae says, sizing varies so much for each child! My DD hit a new size about a month early each time. So at 5 months she was in 6-9. There are also 6-12 sizes from some brands that fit just slightly bigger. 

    Get a few sun hats. 

    @uno_mas For mom: loose fitting skirts and (nursing) tanks were key for me. Could you do maxi skirts/dresses if you’re not confident in your legs? 
  • agree with @kailanae on sizing, it can be difficult to pinpoint.  I usually wait on buying the next size up until I'm sure they are going to need it soon... though I've been lucky and both my LOs followed the sizing pretty closely with what month their age was (though neither of them fit in NB size more than a couple of weeks.)  

    -when they are ready for sunscreen, I like to use the stick sunscreen for faces/ears because it doesn't get into their eyes and it's fairly easy to apply, and the spray sunscreen for arms/legs/torso. 
    -if you plan on going to the pool/lake/beach (though our March LOs will probably be too little for that this year until the very end), a full-coverage swim suit (long sleeves), hat, baby float, and of course swim diapers are good to have  

    @uno_mas, agreed with @kantobean - one of my lifesavers after my Feb. baby were definitely the maxi skirts and tanks - more forgiving of a post-baby body.  I'd also wear some capris.  I did splurge on a swimsuit that I felt confident in (it has a flowy top and a skirt bottom) and that made a big difference for me in wanting to get out to the pool/lake with the kids.. it was definitely worth the price in the end.  I've used it for several summers now. 
  • PSA: this sunscreen is awesome, super easy to apply, and very effective!  Of course its pretty damn expensive, but worth it IMO. Sometimes I'll apply regular sunscreen to the rest of the body, but use this for the face/head. 

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  • We have plans to stay at a house with family/friends that is on the water and has a pool for 4th of July weekend this year. LO will probably be 3 months and change. Any advice for what to do so DH and I can enjoy the outdoors/pool when LO can't be in the sun or wear sunscreen? I've seen this pop up shade domes like for the beach, do you recommend those?
  • @varimama @kantobean  @treetop19 thanks for the suggestions!  Skirts and long dresses might be perfect. I used to wear them all the time when we lived in AZ.  It will feel like a throw back to my hippie-ish days lol  ✌️ 

    @treetop19 and YES to the sunscreen stick!  So much easier!

    I registered for this hat from amazon too for the little guy (but the blue, not with the pineapples)

    Livingston Infant Sun Hat UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Hat,Pineapple,12-24M
  • @creativesoul63 I really liked the Fisher Price Baby Dome for a non-mobile infant to hang out in outdoors. It provides breathable shade but folds up small and takes up very little space. I think I'm going to rely on it this summer when taking my older kids to the pool. But I guess I'll need to come up with another solution once baby starts to move around. I guess just in the stroller under the umbrella will work, but I feel like the stroller sometimes overheats them. Any other suggestions?
  • @chichiphin that looks like the one we bought, though look there is a newer version I believe that has the full canopy (you can unzip it so it’s only partial as well but it gives you the option at least)!  We haven’t used it for a baby yet but it was amazing for travel when DS outgrew his pnp but still needed a crib!  The newer one also has a padded bottom part, the old one does not and I think the newer one is supposed to be easier to clean according to the features. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
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