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Humidifier use in Summer?

Wife and I have a 5mo old boy. It's winter now. It's cold and dry so we use a humidifier (we did this before the baby came along too). But my Wife was just saying that we would also be using the humidifier in the summer too because of the baby. We live in southwest Virginia where it gets quite humid/muggy during the summer. I don't think that a humidifier would be necessary in the summer. At least not on a daily basis as we are doing now in the dead of winter (it's quite dry now). Maybe if/when the baby gets sick/congested, the extra humidity might help. But I wouldn't think we would need to run the humidifier day & night like we do in the winter. What does everyone think?

How humid does it get in my town?  Average weather in my town (Scroll halfway down to see that 80% of the time in July, it is "Humid, muggy, or oppressive")

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