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HDBD 1/22

Happy Hump Day friends! 

Re: HDBD 1/22

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  • @EmilyLove25 it sure as heck feels like it. 
  • @silverhope isn’t it crazy how different the bump can be?! With DD I definitely had a bump that was just spread over my whole body. Lol. Both boys I’ve had the basketball belly. 
  • @EmilyLove25 @pdx2020 @silverhope thanks ladies! My sister surprisingly found that gem of a dress on Fashion Nova after I searched basically everywhere else for the perfect dress. It was a great price too!
  • @lizp1229 I am OBSESSED with your look at your shower. Wow. Stunning.

    @miss.sally @silverhope I feel like my bump is spread everywhere too. And I was the same with DD. I just thought it was because I’m tall and a little bigger to begin with, but maybe every baby makes a different bump.
  • @corgmom Hope your enjoying your Baby moon! 
  • I’m so late posting for HDBD but this dress I bought for my shower is amazing, it’s just too small!!! I had to showcase it somewhere before I return. Spilling out of the boobs and can’t sit because my ribs are squished 😭 the seam at the breast is also splitting hahaha. I have to commemorate it though,  so here’s baby girl at 31 weeks, FTM at a whopping 5 ft tall 😂 wearing my backup dress. It’s lovely but this is next level gorgeous.

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