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New Week, New Randoms 1/20


Re: New Week, New Randoms 1/20

  • @chichiphin I’m headed to target this morning to get some nursing bras and tanks and things! Thanks for the rec. I never got any actual nursing bras with DS (just used pull-down ones) so I think I want one or two this time for a little extra support. But it’s been ten years since I’ve shopped for any so I don’t even know where to start. Lol. 
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  • I don't have a good weekender bag either. I have a 3 day weekend coming up so I plan on making a trip to target and getting everything for my hospital bag. It's so exciting that we will all have our LO's arriving in less than 2 months!!! 
  • I'm wondering if I should use my old school vera bradley weekender duffle since you can throw that sucker in the washing machine afterward... 

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  • @varimama OMG we moved DS to his big boy bed this weekend… and we have the opposite issue: naps are amazing. Like we have to WAKE him up, and nighttime is a struggle. I will say last night was a little better, so I hope his naps get better soon. Is the bed in the same room his crib was in? Otherwise it could be the lighting?

    @miss.sally This is my last birth, so you better believe I researched and bought a bag haha.

    @keeksie84 I’m team “if the crib is working why on god’s green earth would you ever take that baby out of it” haha. 

    @kagesstarshroom Any word on the interview? I'm oddly anxious for you haha. 


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  • @EmilyLove25 I think it’s a combo of the lighting change because it’s in a new room and the fact he has the freedom to get up if he wants which is just too tempting for him sometimes. I need to finish his curtains though I don’t think they’ll make a huge difference. I need to come up with a solution for the skylight window in his new room bc that’s where 90% of the light is coming in. 

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  • @miss.sally That bag is cute!
    Like @chichiphin mentioned, last time I took my Vera Bradley bag, since it's easy to wash and stuff with hospital freebies. I will probably do the same this time around.
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  • @keeksie84 I'm firmly Team Crib for as long as possible. DS hasn't tried to climb out, and DD will be in our room with us (in a PNP) for at least 4 months. So, I figure we'll worry about sleeping arrangements once we want DD to have to her own room. 

    @chichiphin I LOVE the Auden bras! I tried a LOT of other nursing bras before finding the Auden brand, and it's by far my favorite. It definitely helps that they're so cheap, too!

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