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Positive Test 6 Weeks After Miscarriage?

Hello all,
I miscarried in 12/7 and bleeding lasted for about a week. I’ve got a lean bill of health and have been waiting for my period to start. As of yesterday, it was 6 weeks ago that the worst part of the MC began. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive. 
I don’t have health insurance right now, so I can’t get a blood test yet to confirm. I’m wondering if it’s possible that there is still enough HCG in my body that could have resulted in a positive test?

I guess I’m just having a hard time believing that I could be pregnant. And after an MC, I don’t want to get excited for nothing. 

Thanks for your thoughts  :)

Re: Positive Test 6 Weeks After Miscarriage?

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    @fitzboba2018 have they monitored your hcg to zero? If they have then you are probably pregnant. I'm not sure how long hcg can linger after a miscarriage. Maybe call your ob to see what they say. They might be able to give you advice without having to get a blood test
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    fitzboba2018  If they did not track your HCG down to 0, and you were not temping your cycles, then you have NO way to know for certain until bloodwork that shows an hcg number and 48 hours later more bloodwork to show if that number is rising or falling.  HCG can definitely linger in your system for a LONG time depending on how far along you were and your specific situation. I personally know people who were still showing pregnant and didn't get their HCG levels down to 0 for MONTHS following their MCs.  THIS is exactly why they always tell you to wait until after your first AF to even attempt to try for another PG.

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    OP, it depends on how high your HCG was at the time of your MC. For instance, with my recent loss, I was at 10 weeks and my HCG was at over 110,000 mIu/ML, and it took over 8 weeks for my level to drop back down to 0. So, depending on your situation, it could very well be that the HCG in your system is still from your recent MC.
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    chrissy803chrissy803 member
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    I MC on 01/03/2020 at almost 8 weeks, and my HCG levels was at 584 at this time. I  didn't stop bleeding until 01/11/2020. I've been to the doctor a few times to get my HCG levels checked. My visit on 02/05/2020 was the first test that showed less than 1. My doctor told me that at this point it's safe to try again. My next expected period is in 6 days. We have been TTC since we were cleared. I have decided that I will not take bcc a pregnancy test unless I miss my period. 
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    My doctor told me that I should be able to get a negative pregnancy test with in 2 weeks from my miscarriage. 

    Do you have a pregnancy care center near you? I used to live near one where they would give you free pregnancy tests and early ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy. Maybe worth looking into? 
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