Intro from a long-time lurker (kids and loss mentioned)

Hello! I've followed along for a number of months and am finally coming out of long-time lurking status to introduce myself! :smiley:

I am 38 (turning 39 in July) and about to begin my first round of IVF in March. After a year of trying naturally, I found out I have a blocked Fallopian tube this June. I started seeing an RE in August, and they suggested trying three rounds of an IUI. 

The second IUI try was a BFP. We saw the baby's heartbeat on ultrasound three times and heard it on a doppler once, so were cautiously optimistic. I completed Materniti21 testing in early December, which was all clear and showed we were having a baby girl. I have two younger kids (7) and (4), and we are trying for a third to complete our family. Two days after telling the kids we were expanding the family, I started bleeding. The next day in the doctor's office, we learned the baby had no heartbeat and quit growing at 11 weeks 4 days. I had a D&C right before the holidays and am now waiting for my period to come back.
*TW end*

I'm now moving on to IVF, with a tentative start date of early March. Due to my age, the doctor recommends PGS testing and a FET, so that is our current plan. It's all overwhelming and a ton to coordinate and handle mentally. Doing my best to get as healthy as possible before March - I'm taking a slew of supplements and attempting to cut down on caffeine and wine (my weaknesses).

Looking forward to supporting everyone through their journey!
BabyFruit TickerMe: 39 DH: 38
Together since 2007, married since 2010
Baby girl born: 7/12
Baby boy born: 10/15
IUD removed 3/2018, TTC naturally until Summer 2019. Seeing RE since 8/2019.
Current DX: blocked fallopian tube.
IUI #1 (9/19): 50 mg clomid + Ovidrel --> BFN
IUI #2 (10/19): 50 mg clomid + Ovidrel --> BFP
Missed miscarriage and D&C: 12/19
IVF #1 + PGS: March 2020 [5R, 4M, 3F, 2B, 0 PGS normal] 
IUI #3 (6/20): 50 mg clomid + Ovidrel —> BFN
IVF #2 (8/20): changed clinics to try new protocol [7R, 6M, 4F, 1 biopsied so far, waiting on PGS results]


Re: Intro from a long-time lurker (kids and loss mentioned)

  • minnesotalove 
    So sorry about your recent loss - it sounds truly heartbreaking  :(
    Please join me on the March IVF thread. It's an emotional journey, but you got a community that will provide lots of love and support!
    My husband and I also are really into wine, so we're planning to do "sober February", and then possibly even extend it all the way till IVF is completed. I'm already trying to cut caffeine too, but it's tough  :#
    My story in signature spoiler. Children mentioned.
    Me: 37 DH: 45
    I don't produce FSH, so no natural menstrual cycle. DH has reduced morphology.
    Summer 2014 IUI (with first husband): cancelled after almost a month of stims due to too many follicles
    Time off to divorce, get back on my feet, find a new hubby and get married again 💑
    March 2017 IVF#1: ~70 follicles, 13R, 10M, 7F, 3B = 2 PGS Normal (both XY) - no transfer due to ohss
    Sept 2017 FET#1: BFP, Beta#1 (10dpt) - 253, Beta#2 (12dpt) - 528, DS born 05/31/2018 👨‍👩‍👦
    Dec 2019 FET#2: BFN
    Changed clinic, planning March 2020 IVF#2 - postponed due to the pandemic
    April 2020 IVF #2: ~30 follicles, 24R, 12M, 8F, 4B = 2XY & 2XX, all normal  <3
    Sept 2020 FET#3: one XX embryo, BFP, Beta#1 (9dpt) - 161, Beta#2 (11dpt) - 519, Beta#3 (19dpt) - 7174, Due date 05/30/2021
    DD born 05/23/2021 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 - My family is now complete <3
  • Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you luck with your upcoming cycle! I had a similar loss as well this December. I have a 2 year old from an IVF transfer back in 2017. Had a FET in November. I got a positive pregnancy result, but my numbers were pretty low. Saw the heartbeat the day after Christmas, but a week later I had lost it. They said it looked like it had stopped growing shortly after I saw the heartbeat. Had a D&E to test the embryo early this month. Now waiting for my period so I can start the process again. 
    Pregnancy Ticker
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