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Positive Urine Test, Negative Blood Test

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Hello. I am looking for some advice for a weird situation that I am in. 

My husband and I have been trying to conceive, last month I used ovulation tests to confirm my fertile days. Fast forward about 10 days later, I had what I thought was implantation bleeding for 2 days with light pink and then dark brown spotting with some cramping. My period was supposed to start 5 days after that. It is usually VERY punctual, but I did not get my period. I took a HPT and got a positive 2 days in a row. Then I started lightly spotting brown blood over the next few days. I called my doctor and she ordered a blood test. The blood test came back negative! I was <1 mIU/mL. 3 days later I took another HPT with a new brand and it was still positive. I still have not started my period. I will be seeing my doctor in a week and redoing the blood test. This is just super confusing as I know the blood and urine are testing for the same hormones. I am worried about this being another issue unrelated to pregnancy. To note, I had taken HPT over the past few months and had never had a positive until this event. 

I thought I would post this for advice or for other women in the same situation. Thank you!

Re: Positive Urine Test, Negative Blood Test

  • Just an update:

    I went back exactly 1 week later for another blood test and now my HCG is in the 700s! I still had been getting positives on various HPTs I took the week in between, which was sooo confusing. The nurse said she couldn’t believe it, and was glad that I had requested a second blood test. Not in the clear yet, but at least I have an answer. Thank you!
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