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Product Spotlight Series: 0-3 mo. Winter/Spring Baby Essentials

The Product Spotlight Series continues! Each week we spotlight a new category of product. If you discover something new or are new to the board, you're welcome to comment on threads like these throughout your time here, not just when it's their week in the spotlight.

Answer the questions below or just riff on your thoughts/experiences of the product. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome! Links are always helpful! This week it's... Winter/Spring Essentials for 0-3 mo. old babies! (Note we'll do summer/fall next week!)

What are your fave products for babies during winter/spring? What do they NEED? What's just cute to have?
Any particular brands you are partial to? 
Anything for spring/winter people will tell you is essential but is not?

Any winter/spring products you're looking at? Any brands in particular?
Any questions about what is essential for baby versus what is just cute?
Anything for spring/winter people have told you is essential but you're not sure if it is?

To view the upcoming PSS schedule, based off of S19's, see here: March 2020 PSS Spreadsheet!
Up next week: Baby (6-9m) summer/fall essentials

Re: Product Spotlight Series: 0-3 mo. Winter/Spring Baby Essentials

  • so I actually have a question for this.... stroller bunting. I will be home in April on the east coast where last year days varied from 45 to 70 degree days (lol @ mid-atlantic weather). For walks with baby in the stroller, do I need bunting on these 45-55 degree days? Or a good blanket?  

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  • @chichiphin I would just use a good blanket or two and skip the bunting personally unless its often really windy as well. 

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  • We got the Uppababy Vista stroller that has a bassinet attachment, so I'm planning on using that when walking around the neighborhood, and the JJ Cole car seat cover I have doesn't work with the bassinet. The weather in Chicago can be super nice or super cold until end of April. 

    I think this is the cutest/most hilarious bunting that we ended up getting! 
  • @chichiphin I'd also vote for blankets over a bunting.  Blankets are so versatile for many different purposes.
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  • Recs for a going home outfit from the hospital in late March/early April in the mid-Atlantic? I’m guessing it’ll probably be in the 50’s. I have long sleeve onesies, short sleeve onesies, long sleeve kimono style shirts, cotton pants, a fleece lined hoodie and a regular hoodies all available to use. Not sure what to pack!
  • @creativesoul83 I’d say something with long sleeves and pants and a hat. Have a blanket ready for the short period they will be outside getting loaded into the car. Personally I bundle the baby themselves up as little as possible in the car seat then add blankets or one of the shower cap style car seat covers depending how cold it is. That way it’s easier to regulate their temp. If they get too warm remove a blanket or the cover, if they seem cold you can use a thicker blanket or add another. The JJ cole shower cap styles keep them super toasty, I almost always unzipped it while actually in the heated car or DS would get too hot but outside it was perfect for New England winter weather! 

    Also just a side note we loved the kimono style shirts onesies and the zip up footed pajamas while DS was little before he gained head control. His head was too big to pull regular onesies over it but we could put them on by putting legs in first it was just kind of a pain! If your baby has a smaller head it may not be an issue.
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  • We had a bunting but never used it for my February baby! It was just easier to use blankets.

    for a going home outfit, I used a long sleeve kimono style shirt and pants. Plus a blanket over the car seat for loading in the car. 

    I personally found onesies very hard to put on a newborn! I used kimono-style shirts/pants and footed sleepers for about a week or two and then started using onesies. Maybe I just needed to build up some courage first, lol. 

    That said, after about two weeks, onesies were perfect for everyday wear. Get short and long sleeve if you’re in a northern climate. 
  • @varimama that makes sense about head size. DD has a large head and I didn’t like putting onesies one her until she was a little stronger and wearing the 0-3 size. Newborn onesies didn’t work for us even when she was wearing the newborn size.

    also, did you folks know that onesies are made so you can, if needed, peel them down the body, like if they get poop in them? It took me a while as a FTM to figure this out. Brilliant!
  • My boys were almost exclusively in footed sleepers for the first few months.  I'd get them dressed every so often but having one piece of clothing to deal with that I could easily zip on and off was my preference.
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  • Oh if anyone is looking for a great stroller blanket, PB kids makes a beautifully soft and very warm one. Very durable as well. It is still DD’s favorite blanket almost 4 years later.
  • @kantobean It’s funny how few people know that the little slits on the shoulders of the onesie are for pulling it down (particularly useful in the case of a poopsplosion). They also work to stretch it out when going over the baby’s head to put the onesie on. Some of the gowns have them too. 
  • I have one of the jj. Cole buntings also. I loved it with DS (he was older though because he was born in July). I have a few cozy footed sleepers and long sleeve onesies and pants with feet attached because baby socks are the actual worst. And then of course an array of blankets. It’s hard in PA because it could be 65 or we could have a major snowstorm. I figure I’ll just pack some extras for the hospital but I have plenty of all the things for home. 
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