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  • I really wanted to like the first season of FLEABAG better than I did? It got a LOT of hype from a lot of different people I know, and won awards and such? Maybe I will like the second more? We finished s1 last night.
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  • @kagesstarshroom I don’t even know what fleabag is?! 

    @mrsvp614 I watched them when H and I first got together (he actually got me into them lol). But not anymore. I just don’t have time and there are way better shows to spend my time on. 

    To continue our TV trend... I’ve never seen Jersey Shore! 
  • AFM more of a FFC but give me all the trashy reality tv. I watched the first three episodes of TLC's "Hot and Heavy." Google it and know what I mean by trashy tv. I just can't resist! I wish I had more time haha.

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  • @kagesstarshroom I haven’t watched fleabag but yea maybe it was just built up too much. I hate watching stuff people love And rave about because I rarely enjoy it after all the talk about it

    @mrsvp614 I’ve never seen any bachelor franchise shows either! It’s just not my thing 

    @lemonlove86 good for you! It’s your baby not theirs. Do you think they’ll listen if you are clear with your intentions and say that’s what the doctor recommends? If not make sure they understand the rules or make it clear that if they break them they won’t get to see the baby! I told my mom not to kiss DS on the face last time and she told me that she wouldn’t comply and made a big show of kissing him on his face. We had other issues going on too but that was a big straw that led to us not even talking for over a year. Now I still don’t have a good relationship with her and my relationship with my dad has suffered too. 

    My TV show that everyone seems to love but I though kind of sucked is Stranger Things. 
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  • @mrsvp614 agree! I’ve never watched a bachelor episode. I can’t take it. Shamefully, I did have a phase where I would watch hours of real housewives and the kardashians. All of it makes me cringe now.

    @lemonlove86 Stand your ground! They will have baby’s whole life to kiss him or her. The least they can do is be safety-conscious in that first month or two when flu is still a concern. They can show love to baby in SO many other ways.

    @varimama I’m shocked your mom would act that way! That’s horrible.

  • @varimama ooo I loved Stranger Things! I know one person who didn't like it, and his reasoning was that the writers borrowed way too much from Stephen King & Stephen King plots are better and like--okay, sure, I believe you--but I still loved Stranger Things & not having read all of King can't really commiserate/dislike for that reason.

    There's a ton of TV out there--esp. trash reality TV--that I've never watched. I watched one season of Bachelorette, never Jersey Shore (& I'm from NJ), no RH... I can get into competition reality TV more than Real Life reality TV. We don't have cable? So that contributes a lot to what I watch/don't watch. Well, right now we have access to my roommate's cable, but I digress. Normally, it's antennae TV & streaming services for me!
  • @kantobean yea my mom has a lot of issues and has done a lot of terrible things to me but I was still shocked with her disregard for my wishes with my newborn. It’s her loss, she’s only seen him 4 times and he’s almost 3 and she’ll never get to baby sit because she’s proven she can’t follow any of my wishes. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

  • @varimama that's so unfortunate with you and your mom- that sucks. I'm sure they'll eventually listen to what we ask but they will not be understanding or polite during the process.
  • Never actually shared a UO. 

    I hate mint as a dessert or mint with chocolate.
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  • @kagesstarshroom I’m not into Fleabag either.  We watched 3 episodes last night and I was like.. meh. We did just finish watching the whole series of Mr. Robot which was dark and suspenseful and I feel like I need something lighter or something. 

    @varimama sorry about your mom and the general stress of setting boundaries with the new baby.  I’m nervous about germs much more this time than I was with my other two and I’m not sure why.  I’ve never asked grandparents to vaccinate in the past and it was painfully awkward for me. 
  • @kantobean @puppylove8910 My stepsister doesn't like chocolate with mint or chocolate with peanut butter, which are.... two of my fave flavors. I always thought that was so crazy not to like!

    @lemonlove86 @mrsvp614 I'll let yall know if I like season 2 any better!
  • @kantobean I'm of the opinion that mint is meant for toothpaste/breath freshening and I'd rather not eat it as a dessert.  If someone presents me with a like peppermint/white chocolate truffle I won't refuse it, but it isn't my preference if I have a choice of non-mint options.
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  • @kailanae @kantobean

    The only “food” I want mint in is a mojito🍹 
  • Aw so sad to hear there are so many anti-Bachelor folks! I freaking love it, it’s the only thing I look forward to on Mondays 😂 

    @lemonlove86 omg I can totally relate with you on this right now. I am so so stressed about all things cold/flu season. As well as just having to deal with visitors in general when I’m dealing with a newborn. My mom never gets the flu shot, and so I told her not only does she need to get the flu shot but also needs to get the TDAP vaccine. And I don’t think she’s taking me seriously when I say she can’t come visit if she doesn’t. At one point, when I was mentioning we might be regulating on hospital visitors, she told me I “can’t not let her visit.” Let’s get one thing straight real quick: My baby, my rules. 

    So this may be a little crazy and over the top, but I’ve decided to send out an e-mail to my mom, mother in law, sis in law, and aunt with a list of “visitor rules” for both hospital and home. And you know what, the in-laws are going to talk major ish on me for it and my mom will probably get pissed at all my rules but I need to think about my sanity and my baby and blasting one quick e-mail is way easier than having to repeat myself over and over again once baby is here and I’m already dealing with enough stress. I may be shooting myself in the foot bc I know it “takes a village” but I don’t want that villages help if they can’t follow the rules. 
  • I am SO glad you said all of that @mrsc918!! Thank you for sharing. I feel the exact same way. DH family is much smaller than mine and he is very anti emailing our stance on it all out so he’s telling his family the non negotiables, so I just have to trust him on that. When I talked to my mom earlier this week about not kissing the baby (I did say she could kiss the baby on the feet) the conversation did not go well and I don’t have the emotional capacity to repeat that conversation/hear everyone’s grievances with my two sets of grandparents and all of my aunts and uncles who live nearby, so I definitely am back on wanting to send out an email. Thanks for the encouragement! 💛
  • Yes girl! @lemonlove86 I just have a handful of people to send it to but it also saves having to hear the sighs or see the eye rolls or the awkwardness lol ain’t nobody got time for any of that and def don’t have the emotional capacity for it!! 
  • @mrsc918 @lemonlove86 I sent an email out to all the grandparents, my SIL, and my two best friends who will probably all be visiting within the first 6 months right after my last doctor appointment when my doctor told me that everyone needed a TDAP shot. They all got back to me right away with the date of their last booster/that they would make an appointment. Somehow when people hear that the doctor requires it, they hop to. Also, no one minded that I had emailed them. Hope it works for you!
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