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Depression/ anxiety sufferers

I have been depressed most my adult life. After my four year old was born I had terrible post partum and was put on meds for it and stayed on it until I got pregnant this time around and stopped. Lately I’ve just been feeling super sad and depressed and guilty for feeling this way for my growing boy. I don’t want to take medication for it if it really affects the baby but I’m also thinking it’s better for me to be happy and take care of myself and my happiness for the baby’s sake. I know they can pick up on the way mom is feeling and I would hate for him to feel what I feel. Any advice would really help. I’m going to talk to my doctor about this next week. Thanks in advance!

Re: Depression/ anxiety sufferers

  • I had depression with my first pregnancy due to some family stuff going on but my OB was very hesitant to put me on meds, I wish I pushed back more because I struggled with postpartum depression. I did implement other self care methods (therapy, yoga/meditation) to help but meds in addition to other tools may have made for a better postpartum period for me. 

    I know there are meds considered safe so definitely talk to your doctor. Maybe starting the lowest dose now and then you can get back to your previously established dosage postpartum? 

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  • It also depends on the medication. For my anxiety meds my dr kept me on them as they are considered “safe” and mama being taken care of mentally can also be best for the growing baby. 
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  • Hi, I have had mental health issues for my whole life. I've been on many different meds. I finally got the right Dx and right medications/counseling combo.  My psychiatrist and OB agreed that I will stay on the medication throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. For me the benefits far outweigh the risks. And we can prepare for the risks, ex: baby may be slow to breathe on her own initially. 
    I say all this to say that you have to take care of yourself first. And if that means exploring medication options, please do not hesitate due to the stigma.
  • I’m on a SSRI and have been for years and my therapist, prescribing doctor, and ob all agreed the benefits farrrrrrrr outweighed the risks in my case. You do what you have to do to stay healthy!
  • @gamboer What never hurts is a conversation. Talk to your doctor, and maybe also talk to some practitioners of more homeopathic treatments as well. I have a close family member who has seen huge improvements thanks to acupuncture, as well as a dear friend who benefits from hypnotherapy. Whatever you go with I'm so sorry you're feeling this way and am sending good vibes  <3
  • To piggyback on what @korthouse said, in conjunction with my medication, I also do weekly therapy as well as nighttime meditations and occasional acupuncture. It’s all about finding the right combination!
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    Yes! Double piggyback on @korthouse and @literatureandink. I’ve been on my anxiety meds for a few years. Then a couple years ago I started yoga and that helped it as well. I now see a therapist once a month (which started as grief counseling) and having that outlet has been beneficial too.  It’s about finding the right balance and adjusting as needed when lifestyle or stress or other underlying causes change. 
  • I'm on a very safe SSRI and my prescriber always reminds me that the goal is to limit the amount of risk exposure for the baby. So if stopping my meds would increase my depression/anxiety, that's exchanging one risk factor for another.

    I hope you can talk to your provider and find a solution that works for you.
  • Thank you all for your input!!! Another question now! She put me on 50 mg Zoloft. Take half for the first 4 days then take the full dose. I’m super nervous to take it, mostly because it says on the bottle “3rd trimester use may cause health problems, discuss with your dr.” That makes me curious as to what health problems!! I’m going to be emailing her tomorrow about it but though I’d see if any of you mamas have insight or have taken/ are taking it. Thank y’all so much for all the help!
  • I took that some dose of zoloft all through my first pregnancy and am taking it now with my twin pregnancy. Never have had any pregnancy related issues and babies have been healthy! I changed my medication to zoloft when i first was trying to get pregnant as that is what has been tested to be safe during pregnancy. 
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