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Pregnancy after miscarriage

I MC Dec 28 and it was as a natural and complete MC. husband and I had unprotected sex last night during what may or may not be my fertile window(been trying to track but no LH surge yet) If we accidentally conceived,will my baby be ok if I get pregnant this soon after a loss? Doc advised to wait till after next period but did say my uturus was clean and ready... 

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  • I am so sorry for your loss. Honestly, the best person to answer your question would be your doctor. Personally, my doc recommended I wait until after my first period and I’ve been trying since then with no positive so I don’t have any relevant personal experience to share. Hope things go well for you regardless of what happens!
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  • Sorry you find yourself on this board. I would follow whatever your doctor says. This is the one time you hope your period comes early so you can try again.
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    There's no way to know. It could be totally fine, or it could be another loss because you tried before doc's advise and you weren't ready.  The big issue here is that you probably weren't temping and seem to have no idea when your FW / O is, and since it's after a loss your cycles may be totally wonky for months. So, when you go to test in a few weeks to determine whether or not you conceived from your actions a few nights ago, if you pop a BFP you may have NO way to know if it's positive because you have conceived or if it's positive because you still have HCG in your system from your LAST miscarriage and are just not over that yet.  Please don't come ask us at this point if you're PG or not.  Just call your doctor and wait for an hcg beta draw and then wait again a few days later for the next one to see if it's rising or dropping. We won't be able to tell you. No one can tell you. Only the blood test information and/or an ultrasound will be able to tell you. You should've followed your doctors advice and you should have waited. 
  • jdc23jdc23 member
    I’m sorry but your response is not only abrasive but unkind. It would have been quite fine to just suggest asking their doctor for further input. 

    I don’t think anyone is coming here to be talked down on and made to feel bad. So maybe next time think about how your response will be received and not just what you want to get across. 
  • I had a natural and complete miscarriage a week ago and have been trying to stay positive and patient. I have read articles from credible recourses saying your fertility is higher at 2 weeks post MC and my doctor said to start ttc once I feel ready and my HCG has gone down to 0 (this is easy to test with HCG strips or at home pregnancy test). I feel your pain and I hope that you and your husband are able to conceive again soon. My husband and I are hoping for a quick conception as well.
  • @knottiee57f84c7ceaecb5b Please don't take too much stock in the "higher fertility after MC" articles!  That is a really good way to have your hopes dashed.  Honestly, you have pretty much the same percent chance to get PG after a MC as you do months and months later.  If you pin your hopes on getting PG right away, especially after a MC when your emotions are usually heightened and all over the place and you so desperately want to be PG again, it will only cause more pain and depression if you don't end up being one of the lucky few that is KU right away.  
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