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Baby monitor - remotely turn on a parent unit?

I've tried googling and Amazon-searching this, but I can't figure it out. I'm hoping someone here can problem solve this!

I'm looking for a baby monitor with which you can remotely turn on a parent unit. My husband and I are sleeping in separate rooms and taking shifts listening to the baby monitor (this baby is a loud sleeper), and we would love to be able to turn on the other parent's monitor without going into their room and interrupting their sleep. Baby is a heavy sleeper, so it would be fine if the solution involves going into the baby's room.

Things we've considered:
1) Our best solution right now is that we have the parent unit plugged into an extension cord that goes under the door and plugs into an outlet in the hallway. When my husband is ready for his uninterrupted sleep shift, he plugs in my monitor in the hallway. It's ridiculous and clunky, but it works.

2) We're open to having two separate (cheap) monitors in the baby's room if that's the easiest solution, but we don't know of one where you can have the parent unit already on, waiting, while the baby unit is off. The ones we've seen either beep to alert you that it's not finding a baby unit, or at the very least it does a big "beep" when it finally does connect, which defeats the purpose of trying to do this without interrupting sleep.

3) We have iphones and an ipad that can live in the baby's room at night, so an app would work, but again we haven't found one where you can have the parent unit on and ready to go without the baby one already being on. Ours requires starting the baby one first, then opening the parent one to connect to it. Maybe there's one where you can have it on at both ends but temporarily mute it in the baby's room? And then when we're ready to unmute it, we can do that on the ipad in the baby's room?

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