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Hospital Bag Checklist

I can’t even believe this is a thing already. And I know... I know it’s early BUT there is nothing wrong with being a planner, right? 

So. STM+ what are things you remember being glad you had as well as the completely superfluous things that you packed and didn’t even need? 

Also... do we want to do an actual list when all is said and done in this thread or is everyone ok just making their own lists as they see things being added? 

Re: Hospital Bag Checklist

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  • Stuff that I actually used/needed from my hospital bag:
    • A long charging cable for my phone
    • An extra pillow for help propping baby during nursing sessions/more comfortable sleeping
    • Hair ties, chapstick, and other toiletries
    • Robe
    • Flip flops for using in the shower
    • Nipple butter (the hospital provided lanolin as well)
    • Nursing tanks/breast pads - I wore the hospital robe for clothing but I like the nursing tank underneath for some support since I don't like being braless, and breast pads because of using nipple cream/lanolin as there isn't much in the way of leaking those first few days.
    • Going home outfit for me
    • Some zippered sleepers, hat, and blanket for baby
    Stuff I brought when in labor with DS1 that I didn't need:
    • Sugarless candy for labor (this is on so many online packing lists)
    • Snacks - I was fine with the hospital provided food, though DH did bring some snacks for himself when he was there.  The nurses kept me stocked on drinks outside of eating hours as well.
    • Extra sets of clothes for me and baby
    • Slippers/non-slip socks - my hospital provided non-slip socks
    • Swaddle blankets (outside of a blanket for going home) - used the hospital provided receiving blankets for swaddling
    • Extra forms of entertainment - baby, nurse checkups, visitors and sleeping take up most of my time
    • Pads/underwear/Depends - I went home in hospital provided mesh undies and pads - I used Depends at home though.
    • Diapers/wipes for baby - you get plenty from the hospital and can take them home if you need any on the way
    DS1 07/2015
    DS2 10/2017
    DS3 due 03/2020
  • Things I remember actually using
    - toilet paper from home. Because the stuff there is like sandpaper
    - nursing tank tops
    - robe 
    - a skirt or two (because that way I felt covered if I got up to pee when we had visitors but could still hike it up while sitting in the bed for bleeding checks) 
    - chapstick 
    - phone chargers 
    - hairbrush 
    - some simple makeup items (mascara and eyeshadow) to make me feel human 
    - face wipes 
    - toothbrush/toothpaste 
    - a couple swaddle blankets/hats 
    - a zippered footie for baby 
    - a gown for baby (he was born in July 3rd so I brought a cute red white and blue one for the 4th just to take pics)
    - travel sizes shampoo and soap 

    Things I packed and never used
    - shower shoes. I never thought my hospital was that dirty? 
    - Bluetooth speaker 
    - diapers/wipes/literally anything for baby other than clothes. The hospital has it all. 
    I think that’s it. I’ll come back and add things if/when I remember them. 

    so DS ended up staying in the NICU an extra night and I was not prepared for that. I ran out of clean clothes, and pretty much had a more-than-awful experience with the whole thing. And we didn’t live close enough so we had to stay in a Ronald McDonald type house near the hospital and drive back to nurse every two hours. It was a nightmare. My body basically gave up on me. But anyways. Not that you need to necessarily pack for that kind of thing. But definitely being an extra outfit just in case? 
  • momoftoddlersmomoftoddlers member
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    Did I go to the only hospital that doesn’t provide mesh undies? They gave me pads and I wore my own granny panties. Definitely get a pack or two of those for hospital and home. 

    I also brought two pairs of pajamas. I like the kind with a nursing tank and then a cardigan style robe over. And cheap slippers or slipper socks because I didn’t want to bring them home after. My mom had me convinced I needed nightgowns but they made me feel super exposed and I preferred PJ pants. 

    Shower supplies and flip flops. I brought make up and hair stuff but didn’t use it either time. 

    I brought a cheap pillow for comfort and tossed it at the end of my hospital stay. That can also double as a nursing pillow so you don’t have to bring yours and risk getting it dirty. 

    For baby I brought gowns and swaddles because I liked the photo opps in our own clothes vs the hospital stuff. Plus an outfit for going home. If you’re having a girl you may want to order one of the hospital hats with the bow, my hospital did not provide them. This time, since its winter, I’ll be bringing the bundle me in the car seat and I ordered a winter hat. 

    For yourself at home (don’t rely on the hospital sending home too much): pads, dermoplast spray, a new peri bottle and I also liked to add chucks pads for my bathroom floor (first few days only) and small trash bags to wrap everything up.  
  • treetop19treetop19 member
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    I was pretty minimalist when packing the last time around.. just a going home outfit for me (I made sure to include a nursing bra and nursing pads), a going home outfit for baby, some snacks, toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush, lotion, shampoo/conditioner and baby book so the nurses could capture his footprints/handprints in it.  Of course we also brought along the car seat/car seat cover, but left it in the car.  DH remembered the phone charger, and he brought along DD's tablet so she had something to do while I was in labor. (she was at the hospital with us until DH's parents arrived to take her home with them.)  I found these things were sufficient for me.  The hospital I went to provided a lot of stuff I didn't have to pack like pads, baby diapers/wipes, baby shampoo, and a knitted going-home hat for baby. 

    This time around, since we might have DD and DS with us, I think I'll have to pack more. Pullups/wipes for DS, and various things to entertain him on top of the other stuff.  I don't know if the inlaws will make it this time, so I may just leave DD and DS at home together, depending on what time of day/night it is (DD, who's 13, has babysat many a time before, so she knows the drill.)  I feel more comfortable leaving them during the day than at night.

  • orbmakerorbmaker member
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    I brought way too much stuff last time. Things I will definitely bring again: our own pillows (for DH too), phone chargers, snacks (for DH mostly), pajamas and change of clothes for DH, a lightweight robe, usual toiletries, loose clothes to go home in, loose-fitting shoes, a going home outfit for baby, and a few cute baby accessories (hat, booties) to make pictures more fun. I’ll also probably buy a present “from the baby” to give my toddler and bring that, too. 
  • Oooooh @orbmaker I forgot about the gifts from baby. I did that for DD last time. I’ll probably do it again this time! She still talks about it. It’s cute. 
  • uno_masuno_mas member
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    First baby I remembered being glad that I brought chapstick, lavender oil and a special night gown and robe for after that first glorious shower.  It was also really nice to have playlists ready to go for labor and after. Second baby was at home so we had all the comforts right there which makes me feel like I am going to super overpack this time for the hospital.  One thing I’m considering is that its a 45 min to an hour drive so it would not be convenient to come back for anything, and I won’t be laboring at home much so I could be there for awhile. Bringing  cozy stuff (robe, nice pajamas, a couple options for going home clothes), pillows that we might leave in the car of there are enough in the room, and food.  I already know our hospital has a fridge in the room and that the cafeteria is lame so I’m going to be prepared with some labor drinks and snacks (coconut water, vitamin water, honey sticks, apple sauce pouches, trail mix/protein bars, and maybe some microwaveable soup or oatmeal cups.) Bringing some labor comfort things too (something to wear in the tub, flip flops (sorry-I’m under the impression that all  hospital floors are filthy!) oil diffuser and a few oils, flameless candles, rice sock, ice bag, and a foldable fan). Maybe I will use none of it, but it’s what I bring in my doula bag and I’m gonna treat myself for this birth lol!

    **editing to add Advil.  I remember my husband getting a headache after the kids were born from lack of sleep, excitement, sleeping on the pullout bed.
  • For STM+: One random thing: DS was born in December, and we were required to bring evidence that DD had a flu vaccination for her to be allowed in the hospital. I called and the said the same goes this time, so I have records of both to put in my bag. That DEFINITELY could just be an Ohio thing.

    DD1 EDD 9/29/2015, Born 9/24/2015

    DS1 EDD 1/3/2018, Born 12/26/2017

    BFP #3 3/21/2019, EDD 11/29/2019, MMC/D&C 5/7/2019

    BFP #4 6/28/2019, EDD 3/12/2020 

  • Similar to what @EmilyLove25 said, our hospital actually had a no child visitors policy during flu season, whether or not they had shots.  It may be good to check with your OB or hospital to see if they have certain flu season restrictions and when those are in effect, should you want to have children come by.
    DS1 07/2015
    DS2 10/2017
    DS3 due 03/2020
  • @EmilyLove25 I wish our hospital made an allowance for kids who had the flu shot!  Maybe I’ll ask if that is a possibility.  Otherwise my kids will have to wait to meet their baby brother until we get home. No visitors under 18 during flu season at our hospital ☹️
  • Sooooo helpful ya’ll!! Thanks!

    @kailanae I know you mention blanket for bringing baby home vs swaddle blanket. What does that mean? I know you have a going home outfit for the baby, and I’ve read it’s not safe to have any blankets in the car seat. So I’m wondering what you do with the blanket? And also, what kind of blanket? 
  • kailanaekailanae member
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    @mrsc918 After buckling baby into the car seat in his normal clothes, I lay a blanket over top of his legs.  That way he can be warmer without any extra bulk under him or under the straps.  I'd pick the thickness of the blanket to use based on the weather expected.  March is pretty volatile here in MD - it could be nice or it could be snowing.  For DS1 and DS2, we lay their winter coats over their legs instead of a blanket when they are in their car seats.
    DS1 07/2015
    DS2 10/2017
    DS3 due 03/2020
  • @mrsc918 You may also want to look up the Bundle Me Carseat Cover. There is a model that goes over the car seat and one with a blanket that also goes under the straps and you zip the baby in. Technically anything under the straps is not allowed but you can make your own decisions based on your weather. 
  • @kailanae @momoftoddlers ohhhh ok!! I gotcha!! I’m getting the Chico car seat with the boot thing that comes with it for like extreme cold weather buuuuut we live in Southern California so I prob won’t need the boot thing. I’ll just bring a light blanket to cover her legs just in case!! Thanks!! 
  • @mrsc918 and @momoftoddlers the shower cap style covers for car seats are plenty warm (I’m in New England so it gets pretty cold here and DS was never cold with his on). I’m not sure why they even sell the ones that go under the straps as those are not safe and technically the hospital shouldn’t let you leave without removing it first though I’m sure not all hospitals are as stringent on their car seat safety checks. 
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

  • I was thinking of bringing a mommy & me set for hospital photos - not sure I’ll feel like putting on a face for pictures but im going to get a light weight robe for the hospital anyway - but for sure will take pics of baby, so I’m wondering do you guys think I should get a swaddle or a knotted gown for pictures of baby? What’s more realistically going to be used? My guess was a swaddle.
  • Things I was glad I brought last time:
    Yoga pants
    cheap tanks I turned into nursing tanks
    Nursing bras
    toiletries (tooth brush/paste, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, hair brush)
    phone charger
    2 take home outfits for DS (NB and 3 months, he just barely fit in the NB)
    my kindle (I couldn’t sleep for my induction so I was glad I had something to read)

    Things I brought but didn’t use:
    Clothes/blankets for DS (our hospital policy was babies had to be in the provided shirts and blankets)
    diapers/wipes-our hospital provided these
    pads/underwear for me (hospital provided)
    Bluetooth speaker - I didn’t want my birth playlist after all 
    You all can laugh at me for this one - The entire 6 movie Rocky collection on DVD (they warned me my induction could take a couple days so I brought those to watch but contractions started after a few hours so turns out Rocky isn’t exactly helpful during labor)

    Things I plan on bringing this time:
    gift for baby from DS and gift for DS from baby
    nipple cream
    compression socks
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS1 born on 3/2/17
    EDD 3/8/20 <3 DS2 born on 3/10/20
    EDD 11/24/23
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)

  • @varimama amen on the compression socks!  I can’t go a day without them right now
  • I overpacked last time and will probably do the same this time.

    For me: phone charger, phone, wallet, clothes to go home in, toiletries, baby book, notebook I keep track of my pregnancy stuff in, pen, pjs, robe and comfy socks. Also blanket and pillow, and instax camera/film. 

    For baby: take home outfit, pacifiers, little sister sleeper and little brother sleeper for birth announcement since team green, 2 swaddles, blanket for car seat (March is cold here), boppy, 3 cloth diapers and wet bag (because we're switching to cloth when we leave the hospital). 

    Other things I'll bring specifically because of past experience: 2-4 bottles, nipple shield, breast pads, pump and pump parts, nipple balm. 

    We had to supplement because of blood group jaundice and I'm anticipating having the same problems this time around. 
  • Cristin343Cristin343 member
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    This thread is everything! 

    3rd time mom here but I can’t even remember all of the crap I brought, only that we didn’t use 89% of the stuff! 

    We did use: 
    • extra pillow/blanket for Daddy(-to-be)
    • flip flops: for just walking around
    • cozy socks (fuzzy ones) because I always feel pampered when they are on my feet.
    • make up/deodorant/toiletries 
    • phone charger
    • face spray/mist & chap stick 
    • clear Gatorade: my labors were long and only clear liquids were allowed

    We did not use:
    • going home outfit
    • Diapers
    • hats
    • underwear
    • Bluetooth speaker

     The hospital basically gave us Everything that we needed. Everything! Even the not-so-cute clothes were helpful because the tops were like baby kimonos, which are super handy. 

    I love the idea of yoga pants. 💡 this thread is getting me excited 😊 

    ETA: I’m now realizing that we need to actually pack bags for my two young kids who will have to go somewhere when baby is coming. Better to be prepared than scrambling! 
  • Also depending on your hospital situation it may make sense to pack two separate bags. One for the L&D segment and one for Mother-Baby. You can leave things like your extra clothes, baby clothes, extended toiletries in the second bag and retrieve it when you move to Mother-Baby and just have the basics in the L&D bag. Less to cart around and dig through. 
  • @momoftoddlers good idea about having extra stuff that you leave in the car until moving to Mother-Baby or in case of an extended stay.  

    A couple other partner things besides Advil that I think are nice to have is earplugs for napping (they totally help me for naps also but I’d probably only use it in labor not once baby is here cause I will want to hear him). Also a zip up sweater or hoodie for if dad wants to do skin to skin and doesn’t want to be totally bare chested. Could also use a hospital blanket but sometimes its nice to have your own stuff.  Also swim trunks or clothes that are not super heavy when wet for if dad helps with shower or tub in labor. 
  • This thread is so helpful! I also heard toilet paper is a good one to bring. Definitely a charger and extra blankets/pillows.
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