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How to ....TODDLER!

Hi, girls! I'm a second time mum, daughter is now 11 and son 16 months. My daughter was picky and would circle in just a few types of food, it was only when she got over 3 she started at least ''try'' on different foods. But because she had 3 veg and 2 fruits she would eat, my GP said not to worry too much, just let her outgrow it. Even now she has foods she just won't eat, but she's big enough to cook for herself pasta with different sauces, an omlette, etc.  At the time I was working from home and tried all sorts of vain!

Ten years, fast forward, second baby arrives! I was back to work when he was 2.5 months, 2 blocks away from home, always came back breastfeeding at noon, he would have the bottle otherwise. Around 6-7months I started cooking pureed foods( baked apple, pureed banana with a teaspoon of milk, mashed carrots and parsnips, etc). He spit everything that wasn't milk, even juices, and cringe. He did take plain yogurt or greek yogurt. He would refuse eating if I mix that with something else( pureed fruit, cereals for babies, biscuits).  At the moment he doesn't take easily anything...unless it's chicken breast crispy or fries( yes, I did tried that too ...I was desperate), at times chicken soup, fruity yogurts, vanilla pudding. The plate flies off the highchair, the food flies off before even being tasted, or being squashed flat with his palm. He hits your spoon without even seeing what's in it, turns head. Mouth sealed shut! I'm not a mountain of patience, but I insist, hoping he'll eat something, anything.

Got to ER room with high fever a month ago and the doctor mentioned he's not skinny but slim for his age and explained to her about his eating issue. She gave me that look... like:  try harder! I am, I really am. Currently cooking at least 2 times a day plus extra for him, hoping he'll eat. I'm not an 'out of the shop bought pot'' mum( no offence to anyone)...I'm cooking fresh everyday...and still he won't eat. I tried distraction, playing, tv, aeroplanes, bees, shapes, sticks, what not? Forgot to mention, still breastfeeding at the moment, and bottle feeding! He' s having about 3 bottles a day of 90 ml each and mostly breastfeeding at night. Planning on stopping breastfeeding in March, when he'll be 1 and a half. I hope I'll remember then what sleep actually means, at the time it's a complete struggle. He's squirming all the time, turning and asking for the breast.

He's a happy kid, playful and cheerful all the time, his weight gain has been constant but slow, he's about 86cm and 10kg. I'm always cleaning, tidying and I feel enslaved in cooking, cleaning, throwing away. I'm a bag of nerves and I work daily in direct contact with the public. I try to keep my temper but it's hard, I feel my husband doesn't understand my struggle, I'm in my 30's and I'm an emotional tired wreck...

Any suggestions or tricks or whatever you think, I'm opened...I will try! My goal is to get this kid to eat fruit and veg...Cheers!

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