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  • @corngirl it's a popular cheap online pregnancy test :)
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    Yay triathlons @bthg! I've been a runner for 20 years and started triathlon in 2012 and love it! I can't wait to get back into once we're done have kids. 
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  • bthgbthg member
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    You are brilliant, good luck with the half marathon!!!

    We are due the same day. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

  • tvaratvara member
    Due 9/14 with my first!! My husband and I are beyond excited. I am dealing with OHSS so am uncomfortable already but know it is all worth it. Anyone else have OHSS? Live in San Francisco so any others would love to connect. Go in for my first ultrasound in 10 days 😀
  • ssblssbl member
    @NYTino24 @dontcallmeshirley1 Good to see you here! Thinking all the sticky thoughts  <3

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  • @Bubblegum5586 as much as 35 day cycles suck, can I just say I’m glad it’s not just me? I had a 35 day cycle 2 months after coming off BC and then a 14 day cycle after that. My first time TTC it was not this erratic but 🤷‍♀️ Here we are! And welcome to the board!

  • @Louise_Belcher I also am simultaneously hungry and nauseous, AND I also have a platelet disorder (thrombocytosis - the opposite of your problem!)
    DS1 2009
    DS2 2010
    DS3 2014
    #4 due 9/2020
  • @Louise_Belcher TJMax for the win! I looove the TJMax and Home Goods. I cannot be trusted there.
  • @beaandthebabes I want to go to Home Goods, I’ve never been! We don’t have one in the area. 
  • @balletnerd are you from December 17? 
  • Welcome to Pittsburgh @macheno !
  • @pghren Thanks! Nice to have someone else from here. We're still getting settled and finding our way around. Everyone has been very friendly so far.
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  • @macheno&nbsp;it tends to be that way here!

    Feel free to pm me about local stuff
  • @balletnerd I thought so! I was as well only under brittabatwhite. 
  • @beaandthebabes ah! Such a small world! Happy to see you on the Bump again :)
  • @northernsam I am always so excited to meet a pastry chef! I am thinking of scaling my business back/putting my full launch on hold now that I'm pregnant. It's intense work! 
  • Very very tentatively introducing myself here. I was planning to wait until my second beta, but since I’ve had to ghost the incredibly supportive ladies in TTGP/TTCAL, I figured I would take the plunge even if my stay is short. (I’m not explicit below but I do allude to loss, so this is a soft TW for anyone who might be sensitive)

    Due date? Either September 18 or 19 depending on LMP or ovulation 

    How’d you find out? I was POAS like it was my job. Got a very faint line and my new RE sent me for serial betas. First one was ok, 65 at 12dpo, but because of the weekend I don’t get my next one until Monday and I extremely anxious. 

    Other children/pets? A very sweet mutt who is 4.5 years old. No THBs yet. 

    Job? I’m a medical resident. 

    Things you like to do? Cooking (and eating...too much), hiking, traveling 

     Spouse/partner? Married 4.5 years, together 10 years

    First appointment? Beta Monday, and then we’ll plan from there. Because I have RPL, I think I’ll end up getting an early ultrasound when and if my HCG reaches 5k

    Any symptoms? Nope, which adds to PGAL anxiety. But I had symptoms in my previous pregnancies, so maybe feeling different is a good thing?

    *Edited for grammar
    Nice to see another medical mom! I had my fourth baby about a month after I finished my residency. 
    DD1 6.2011 
    DD2 4.2013 - vbac
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    Baby #4 due 9.2018
  • pghren said:
    @northernsam I am always so excited to meet a pastry chef! I am thinking of scaling my business back/putting my full launch on hold now that I'm pregnant. It's intense work!
    It is intense! I've just been offered a better position, too so now that is hanging in the balance. There are so many decisions to be made now. It is quite overwhelming! What is it you do? Are you a pastry chef as well? 
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