Pregnant after a Loss

Pg while breastfeeding/previous mc’s


WE just found out we are expecting again and are treading cautiously. Before our last baby I miscarried 3x consecutively. I met with MFM and RE/I and the only thing they could come up with as a POSSIBILITY was that I was still nursing. I weaned, got pregnant, and carried that baby to term (coincidence? We will never really know)....

Here we are after a year of TTC, pregnant, but nursing again. 

Has anyone miscarried while nursing before, but then successfully carried a future pregnancy to term while breastfeeding?

We’ve been trying to wean, but are really having a tough time. 


Re: Pg while breastfeeding/previous mc’s

  • I have had a loss but not while breastfeeding, and I have had a successful term pregnancy while BF... There are a lot of women who carry pregnancy successfully while BF. We all reach for any explanation for a loss, I guess I personally wouldn't put too much emphasis on BF being the problem. If your little one isn't ready to wean I would keep nursing.
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