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  • @catwood1703 I was told During my childbirth education classes and breastfeeding classes that hospital lactation consultant don’t require any formal training or certifications and most of the methods they use are American concepts that you don’t see in other countries where breastfeeding issues aren’t as common I'm no expert and all I have learned is second hand no personal research and I’m still waiting on my baby girl so I don’t have personal experience but I would look for a second opinion and not trust solely in what the hospital has to say
  • @catwood1703 My first had trouble nursing due to ties and even after they were corrected my supply dipped and she developed a breastfeeding aversion. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to overcome it so I don’t have any insight to offer there. The only thing I can say is be kind to yourself. Remember it’s not your fault and that if you have to EP, pump and supplement with formula, or EFF it is all okay and won’t matter much anymore by your baby’s first birthday.
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