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(Vanishing) Twins, slow rising hCG levels, and a lot of question marks

I have a confusing situation. Going into this I want to say I'm relatively comfortable with the reality that I will likely miscarry. I'm just tired I'm the unknowing! I had a positive pregnancy test on 12/5, went into my first appointment on 12/26 thinking I was anywhere from 7-11 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound shows gestational sacs but no yolk/fetal pole (typical at 5 weeks). I get the classic: well monitor your hCG levels maybe your dates are wrong and you're not as far along as you thought, but more than likely this is a miscarriage.

But here's the thing! There were 2 gestational sacs. As in twin pregnancy. One is smaller than the other, so the doctor comfortably feels that if this is a viable pregnancy, it wont be a twin pregnancy for long. This means vanishing twin syndrome. So my hCG levels were 10,500 the same day as no yolks. A little less than 4 days later, hCG is only 16,200. A 53% increase in 4 days normally would be enough to write off the pregnancy, but with the added layer of the vanishing twin I dont know if it means I lost one but wont lose both. 

Does anyone have similar stories or any other thoughts? The next ultrasound is a week away and I'm spending too much time on Dr. Google. 

Re: (Vanishing) Twins, slow rising hCG levels, and a lot of question marks

  • Oh, and added detail: spotting off and on but nothing pink or red or worth wearing a pad for. (Apologize in advance for the TMI)
  • I've had it turn out both ways. I had an empty sac, slow rising HCG, AND spotting with both. One ended in a healthy birth, the other in loss at 10w. As much as the roller coaster sucks, you sadly do have to just wait it out. It's too early to write off the pregnancy. I will say that knowing made my loss easier to bear. For the first couple of days, I was just happy it was over. 
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