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D&E at 16 weeks 12/4 safe to conceive again?

I found out at my 16 week appt that my baby boy’s heart stopped a week before. Had a D & E on 12/4 with no complications. This was my 4th pregnancy. My first three were easy and uncomplicated. I have a 4.5, 3.5 and 13 month old. I started tracking ovulation a few days ago and pretty sure I’m ovulating todayish. Had unprotected sex yesterday and day before. I am not panicking that I am getting pregnant too soon and should have waited another cycle. Anyone have any advice or encouraging stories??

Re: D&E at 16 weeks 12/4 safe to conceive again?

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    Sorry for your loss.  However, I'm concerned that you're even allowed to begin TTCAL without waiting until your first AF post-D&E. Usually doctors make you wait out an entire cycle before allowing you to TTC, and many make you wait 3 cycles.  It's practically impossible to start temping weeks after a later MC and know if you're O'ing or not. Your cycle is going to be super wonky and all over the place. You may have no symptoms or more symptoms or different symptoms than you ever have. It can take 6+ months for your cycles to regulate out, and oftentimes they regulate out to a 'new' norm. 

    I hope your OB at least did betas to track your HCG down to 0 before green-lighting you to TTC. If not, that based with only a few days of temping could cause you to have NO Idea if you indeed are PG again or if you are popping BFPs due to hcg left in your system (reason they make you wait until at least after your first AF to TTCAL).

    My advice would be to stop TTC until after your first AF, and make sure you have a GOOD doctor and a go-ahead before TTCAL.  It can be difficult to really know if you're ready both physically and mentally to try again, and it's really better to be benched an extra cycle or two then to run into severe problems from rushing and jumping the gun. I have no encouraging stories as I've had 5 losses myself and no living children.
  • Speaking from a medical standpoint, every doctor has a different opinion. 

    I miscarried our first baby at 9 weeks, and also had a D&C. The OBGYN who took care of me told me that because of the thoroughness of the procedure, it's as if your body has had that first cycle. There's no need to wait from a physical standpoint. We ended up getting pregnant immediately after the D&C, and we now have a beautiful boy. 💙

    However, each person's story is unique, and you should definitely follow the recommendations of your physician. Best of luck! 
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