Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant after stillbirth

My daughter was still born August 27 at 24 weeks. Took a test December 3 to find out I am pregnant again at about 9/10 weeks according to LMP. I am having a hard time, this is truly bitter sweet. I am so scared to share the news, I was very open about my pregnancy with my daughter on social  media platforms and it was heartbreaking and hard for me to have to say my baby had died. I'm scared that getting pregnant so fast after might not be a good thing and of course with my luck I haven't been able to get in with a doctor in the new area I live, still waiting for my referral to go through!  

Re: Pregnant after stillbirth

  • I'm sorry you experienced that. I would consider telling SOMEONE who can be there for you if you need them. For me, I hid my pregnancy from everyone because I didn't want to un-tell anyone if the worst happened. The worst happened, and I had NO support system in place. I had to suffer through it alone, my partner locked inside himself. When I became pregnant again, just 4 months later, I decided to tell the people I'm closest to. My parents, my sister, my BFF. I didn't tell anyone else. Even though that pregnancy is (so far) progressing well, it was nice to know I had friends I could lean on. I also found a TON of support in the PGAL thread of my Month Board on the Bump...women who understood the mixed joy and fear, excitement and grief, anticipation and dread of being pregnant after losing a life.  It's so very, VERY hard to welcome a new life, when you're still grieving the loss of another one. 
  • I am in the same boat. I lost my son Jack at 22 weeks on October 15th. We are now 5 weeks pregnant with our rainbow. We have a living son who is 2. We have so long to go until I can feel better. We lost our son to T21 with heart complications. I too have shared a lot about loss on social media so we are tracking this one on a private account. Sending prayers for you. I’m already so worried myself so I can feel where you are too. 
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  • I’m in the same boat. I loss my son at 28 weeks November 10. I am now 13+6. I shared the news with close family. Now every time I walk into the doctor office to get an ultrasound my heart drops until I see his/her heart flutter/beat. I’m so scared that I might go for a ultrasound and see nothing.
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