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Multicystic dysplastic Kidney

We recently found out that our baby boy has only one functioning kidney. I can’t help but feel like I’ve done something wrong, even after being told I didn’t cause this 😓 

Re: Multicystic dysplastic Kidney

  • @junesmommy96 I’m so sorry, I’m sure that is so rough to find out! I wanted to give you some peace of mind though. My husband was born with 1 kidney & he had a wonderful childhood with no symptoms & some people go their whole life with that 1 kidney! He has had 2 transplants (16 & 20) but he’s a healthy 31 year old with barely any symptoms now (he just celebrated 11 years with his current kidney). His doctors weren’t sure if we could have kids because of the heavy medications he’s been on his whole life but luckily we found out we can with our little boy coming in April. & his doctors weren’t sure if it was genetic, but our baby’s kidneys are looking healthy in the womb.
    I just want you to know you did nothing wrong & that your baby boy can & will live a wonderful life (he’ll just have a cool fact about himself to tell his friends!).
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