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Fit Friday 12/20

Don't think we've had one of these in awhile.
How's everyone doing staying fit?
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Re: Fit Friday 12/20

  • I had been really bad about exercising lately. Aside from being in the pool with DS, I wasnt doing much aside from staying active chasing after a toddler. Finally got myself to the gym today to do some biking and it felt so good. If I'm up to it, I'm going to try to go tomorrow, too while DH swims with DS. Gonna try to be better about exercising more. I was so much better last  pregnancy.
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  • I’ve been able to keep up with my regular Beachbody workouts with some modifications, specifically cutting out any ab work that involves laying on my back. I’m still getting in one or two 3 mile runs on the treadmill per week, but the pace is slowing down!
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  • @babyrummom, that is so great! Is your Dr on board with running? 

    I'm annoyed mine told me no squats or strength exercises with weights. I have a normal/ healthy pregnancy and everything I read is telling me squats and continuing workouts that I have done prior to pregnancy is fine, or even beneficial.  Of course, following the obvious precautions like if something hurts to stop, and not going crazy with weights or anything.
    Sorry Dr, but I disagree, pregnancy isn't a disability and I don't see how doing bicep curls might possibly effect the health of my baby! He suggested I stick to walking or swimming. Walking is not a workout to me, I take my dog on a one hour walk each day, that's just normal. 

    Haha ok rant over! 

    So I'm still following my favorite YouTuber Sydney Cummings on her strength workouts with  some of  adjustments when needed and body fit by Amy, prenatal workouts usually 3/4 times a week. 💪
  • @nicoleyolee I don’t think I’ve really talked to my midwife about it, because I never asked. I’m pretty sure they encouraged exercise in my first visit and haven’t mentioned any restrictions. Everything I have read has said to continue whatever level of fitness you were doing before, as able and that it is actually beneficial for all stages of pregnancy, labor, and post partum. I read the book, “Exercising through your pregnancy”, which was very research based, so I feel comfortable with everything that I’m doing! I tend to do a lot of my own research regarding the decisions I’ve made during pregnancy. 
  • @babyrummom 🙏thanks  for the book link!! After talking more with my sister in law who is a nurse, I feel even better about my decision to continue workouts as I was doing before pregnancy. And yes everything I've read encourages it!! Not to mention my daily bump article today said the same. 😂 

    No need to lose all my muscles before the baby! 😊 
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