3rd Trimester

Failure to Start Labor with FTMs?

I am 39+3, baby due in 4 days. She is extremely active and seems quite uncomfortable — a sentiment I certainly share after a full pregnancy of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and illness.

I have had a (insanely painful) sweep that was unsuccessful at 38+2.

I am 6CM dilated, have lost my mucus plug, and been dilating and contracting since 32 weeks.

Contractions were labor-mimicking last week at 1M each, 3M apart, for 1H intervals; but would only last for 1H durations and did not progress in length or intensity! Now, I have maybe two contractions an hour every other day or so. 

I am failing to go in to labor naturally and just wondered if anybody has experienced similar first pregnancies?

Monday is my next OB appointment with a fill-in doctor, which makes me nervous, and we will be discussing induction dates if she isn’t here yet.

I am so ready for her and just exhausted and anxious.

Re: Failure to Start Labor with FTMs?

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    Such is 3rd trimester. It’s hard to wait to meet someone you love so much already, especially when you are so uncomfortable. But the reality is that you could potentially still have a couple weeks to go. Discussing your options with your doctor might help by giving you a deadline to focus on, but otherwise baby will come when they are ready.

    Prodromal labor sucks, but you’re almost there! Try to relax and enjoy your time before baby gets here. Go see a movie, go out to dinner, meet with some friends, take a long bath or shower. Baby will be here before you know it.
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    Well you aren't technically due yet - most babies come at 41w, so you haven't "failed" anything. Your body is doing what it's supposed to do which is gear up for labor. Agree with PP try to relax and let nature take its course.
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    Your due date is not a 'set in stone' date it is an approximation date.  That is why doctors allow you to go up to 42 weeks.  You still have time and you could have your water break and/or go into spontaneous labor later today - unfortunately patience is the virtue right now. 

    Nothing wrong with fill in doctors, as they may possibly be the one that delivers baby.  Most practices, in call doc rotates between the docs in the practice- very few doc at least around here- are on call for every patient. 

    I'm not sure why you say baby is uncomfortable???
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    @harpseal135 I agree, sounds like baby is quite cozy right where they are.

    OP, FWIW walking was the only thing that got my babies evicted. It’s the last thing you want to do this late in pregnancy, but it might help.
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    I agree with the other ladies... 40weeks is only an estimate, thats why the range of term babies is 38-42weeks. It sounds like your body is doing an amazing job of prepping for labor since your already 6cm. We all get that the end can be rough especially after a rough pregnancy. Your ready to be done and hold that sweet baby in your arms. Unless there is a medical urgency to get that baby out, it really is best to let them bake until they are ready. My body/babies were always very content to stay put and would bake past 40+0.  
         I also second that a fil in doc is not a bad thing. In most practices its common for someone else to deliver your baby since they are often on a rotating schedule. 
        Also just because your baby is active doesn't mean they are uncomfortable. 
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    I agree with PPs. Personally, I would not do an induction unless there is a life-threatening (you or baby) medical reason the baby needs to be out sooner, as there are risks with an induction. You're not even full term yet, and, yes, a due date is not an eviction date, it's an approximation. Generally, babies come when they're ready, and that is frequently past 40 weeks. 

    I second walking. There's not a lot you can do to induce naturally, but walking does help jiggle the baby down. 
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