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Product Spotlight- Health and Safety

Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product. Feel free to comment on threads like these throughout your time at the board, not just when they're in their week in the spotlight, if you discover something new OR are new to the board. This week it's.... Health and Safety!

FTMs are encouraged to ask questions & STM/+s encouraged to share their knowledge based on experience. You can use any or all the prompts relevant to you below to share info in an easy-to-read format. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome!

Must have products?
Products you could have done without?

Any products you're looking at or have questions about?

To  view the upcoming PSS schedule, see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j7iBv8rbDsTBMXAK7R3NWhG-619XNbpdNza2uci0iYs/edit#gid=0!
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Re: Product Spotlight- Health and Safety

  • I'll probably add more as I think of them, but here are a few:
    -a good thermometer. I prefer a fast read one. We started with a safety 1st thermometer that took forever. Was fine in the beginning, but once DS started getting squirmy, we got a Vicks quick read thermometer. So much better!
    -Keep tylenol and motrin on hand. Also Vicks baby rub is good for coughs.
    -we have a cool mist humidifier which is helpful for coughs and the dry air as well
    - get one of those nose frida nose suckers. Looks disgusting, but works wonders!
    - baby gates and outlet protectors once baby starts crawling
    - baby nail clippers for those baby nails

    I'm sure there's more I've forgotten.
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  • I’m going to second the Nose Frida. I totally didn’t want to buy one because it looked super gross. But, the ability to get some sleep by getting sufficient snot out if baby’s nose is absolutely priceless. I give that as a gift at baby showers now. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
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  • I had the nosefrida and I actually think the NeilMed version is better. It's easier to clean and can be used as a hand pump or by sucking.

    We tried the regular vitamin D drops our pedi prescribed (divisol) and they made DS projectile spit up the second he took them. Switched to a hippie brand and he was fine. It was weird.

    On the flip side, I tried using hippie ointment for his first eczema outbreak but Aquaphor was the only thing that worked.
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