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Pregnancy Grooming

I have a couple of grooming questions and thought other may have other related questions so I'm making a thread for it.

First question: Any tips for leg shaving while pregnant? I finally resorted to shaving in the bath because reaching my ankles is getting more uncomfortable and I'm starting to worry I'm going to tip over or something. Also my ability to not cut myself has gone way down. I know by being preggo I probably have an out if I want it, but I love the feeling of having smooth legs sometimes.

Second question: Are there any bikini zone grooming expectations for labour? Do people recommend it being trimmed/shaven/none of the above? Does it matter? I would imagine dealing with hair growing back when recovering from birth would be uncomfortable 

Re: Pregnancy Grooming

  • @korthouse Funny you started this.  Last weekend I said to DH that I finally couldn't see the lady bits anymore and was flying blind with the grooming so sorry for any patches and/or 3 inch hairs that might be down there.  My shower has one of those old people bars so I hold on to that while I shave my legs but it's becoming a struggle.  I'm with you that I just like the feeling of smoothness and feel more clean and put together if I shave.  Plus I get itchy fast if I don't. 

    As far as grooming expectations I don't think there are any and they've probably seen it all.  I kept up with shaving the bikini area with the 1st two LOs and the regrowth while recovering didn't bother me too much.  I think I finally decided after about a week and half or two weeks that I was going take care of it and all was good.      
  • @korthouse & @KFrob There’s something about shaving and grooming that keeping up with it just feels good mentally as well as physically. I was able to shave my legs throughout my first pregnancy but remember putting an arm behind my back to counterbalance the belly (I also had my leg up on the side of the tub). 

    I don’t think there are grooming expectations as I’m sure they’ve seen it all. Last pregnancy I bought a cheap battery powered Schick trimmer to keep it groomed when I could no longer see. Personally I didn’t want to be healing without it being trimmed. 
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  • I don’t think the hospital has any grooming expectations (except for the no nail polish thing), but I get uncomfortable. I have DH help out with the lady bits now that I can’t see them. This was after a minor cut incident from trying to do it myself. 

    For my legs, I have a step in my shower. It’s basically a bench. I was able to put my leg up on that and shave basically the entire pregnancy last time. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • As a L&D nurse I’ve seen it all. To be honest most of the time we don’t even notice. There’s lots of times I’ll be with a patient for hours and have checked them a few times and all of a sudden we are going for a section but I don’t remember if they need a shave or not. (For c/s the top hair needs to be shaved). However if it’s never been touched down there.. I often notice. There’s lots of blood/ amniotic fluid/ sometimes meconium stained fluid/ suturing and it’s much harder to keep clean. 

    Soo after all that personally I’ve been going for regular full Brazilian sugaring monthly! It’s a bit painful (I like to think of it as preparing me for birth😆) but it’s so worth it. I’ll likely keep it up post baby. 

    So I’d say at a minimum keep it trimmed for cleanliness / ease of suturing. 

    I haven’t had an issue yet shaving my legs.. but I’m the winter I hardly shave them. I’ll stay on top of it closer to baby time! 
  • @kath1414 That's really helpful to know, particularly regarding suturing!
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