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Weekly Questions 12/15

Any questions this week?
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Re: Weekly Questions 12/15

  • STMs, how are you planning on configuring 2 car seats(one infant and one convertible) in the car? One in the middle and one behind passenger seat? Or one behind passenger and one behind driver's seat?
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  • @Kathryn0903 1 behind driver, 1 behind passenger.  DD would be all up in baby if he was facing her and right next to her. Plus she has a basket of books etc in the middle that she likes for longer rides and I don't want her not having access. 
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  • We have to figure out 2 car seats, one infant, and one booster.  One of the car seats needs to be rear facing.  This is my biggest stressor, besides money, with having another kid.  
  • @smallbutmighty77 that makes sense. DS has books and toys in the car so it would be hard having them  right next to each other.
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  • I think we are also doing one passenger side, one driver side. DS is still rear-facing and probably will be when baby is born (at least in my car, which has plenty of space to accommodate rear-facing behind the driver). I wouldn’t even be able to see if he was trying to mess with the baby, so I can’t put them right next to each other. 


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  • We’ll do convertible car seat (still RF) behind passenger and infant in centre. We often have our dog in the car, so I tend to sit in the back with the kid anyways, and don’t see that changing. 
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