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High hcg but low progesterone

I had to have my levels rechecked today and while my hcg has more than doubled and is around 1700 at 4.5 weeks, my progesterone came down one and is 14 now, so my dr wants me to start a progesterone supplement. I’m so worried now! Anyone else experienced this?

Re: High hcg but low progesterone

  • I experienced something similar, last year to the day, in fact, and I've put the result below. Your numbers are higher than mine were, and every woman and every pregnancy is different. The general belief is it falls under "can't hurt, might help", but it's also possible it could delay miscarriage by not letting your progesterone levels fall naturally. Talk over all your concerns with your OB, and possibly another if you can.

    TW - Not Happy and Happy ending below. 

    I became unexpectedly pregnant at 41, and the nurse had me do some initial blood work. My progesterone at 5w3d was 9, but my HCG had tripled in 48 hours to 1500, so she was optimistic. I was placed on progesterone supplements. In the end, the pregnancy was NOT viable, and I naturally miscarried at 10w4d, a week after stopping progesterone, when it became obvious something was wrong with the pregnancy.  I was on an emotional roller-coaster of viable/not viable from Nov 2018 - Jan 2019. A second opinion advised me I should never have been placed on progesterone with levels THAT low. 

    FWIW, I was able to become pregnant again (at 42) fairly quickly, and I'm currently 34w with an active and healthy boy. I chose to avoid all early testing, ultrasounds, and blood work until I was 8w.  While I still had a lot of anxiety, I wasn't on the roller-coaster. 

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