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My new sweet baby girl came into the world fast and heavy at 10 pounds 11 ounces I am trying to breastfeed her but feel especially at night that it just isn’t going well. All seems to go fine during the day she eats and then takes a good nap. At night she thinks she needs to eat every time I set her down. Also when I am feeding her when she is latching on and it appears that she has a good latch it hurts  in a way I just can’t seem to over  about half way through. I’m at the poking around where I don’t know if I should keep going or throw in the towel. 

Ps my daughter is 5 days old at the point of writing this 

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    I'm late in posting a reply, but hopefully things have figured themselves out for you.  My question would be is she really hungry at night or just wanting to suck?  I know my LO will just want a "snack" and then fall asleep on the breast, occasionally suckling.  Also, with how young your DD is (was), she may just need time to learn (including the difference between night and day.  You'll get through this!
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    Find a lactation consultant. They should be able to help with the latch and the pain. You’re both learning and sometimes you need instruction or an assessment to see if there is a problem.
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    It seems like she just feels the need to suck on something. And I understand you, my LO has such a strong latch, it hurts pretty bad. Sometimes I just switch to formula if it gets too painful.
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    I feel your pain. My LO has strong latch as well. She used to bit and my nipples used to be so soar after eating feeding. As time go on she learned to latch well on one side. So I keep nursing on breast most times. Hope she will be gentle on other breast soon. She is 5 weeks now. 
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