1st Trimester

Ultrasound experts out there?

Had my first scan (very early at 6w 3d) today, and was wondering what this is in the circle? The doctor kept focusing on the baby in the lower left, but never mentioned this, but it was clearly visible at every angle. What could it be? For some reason identical twins have been on my mind lately and now husband is paranoid. 😂 Haha. My HCG levels are also high (were 60,000 at 5 weeks), although I know this may not mean anything at all. Thanks for the insight! I’m not assuming twins but am curious.

Re: Ultrasound experts out there?

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  • Did you ever figure out what it was? My 5w3d ultrasound looks like that and I didn’t ask during my appointment. :)
  • Mine did too and like her I keep thinking two and I just found out there two sets of identical on my dads side so that doesn’t help lol
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