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Need advice?

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So I'm 35 weeks pregnant due Jan 16. I went in Friday Dec 6 for having contractions 6 mins apart they did there NST and everything was good I was only a finger tip dilated. Well Saturday Dec 8 went back in for having contractions 3 mins apart, not feeling him move as much and leaking amniotic fluid but only a small trickle. So they tested me for ruptured membranes which came back positive and then checked my cervix I'm 1cm dilated so my hospital doesn't deliver tell 38 weeks so I got transferred to another hospital. Meanwhile I'm still having contractions 3 mins apart. I get to the hospital they do there NST everything is fine they even redid the ruptured membranes test which came back negative and checked my cervix still 1cm dilated. They send me home even though I'm still having contractions. So my question is can you have a false negative on a ruptured membranes test? I hope little guy stays in longer but now I'm all stressed out because I don't know what to do and the doctor's dont seem worried with the contractions. I am because I deliver fast and I don't want to have a baby in a car on the way to the hospital with him being only 35 weeks.

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    Did did you talk to your doctor or just L and D at the hospital? Due to your history your doctor may want you to stay.
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    My Doctor won't be back tell next week and I see him Dec 16 I'm hoping little guy stays in so I can follow up with my Doctor and see what he want's to do but at the sametime I hope my water hasn't broke or has a small tear either. Very confused and stress and these doctors are not helping :( and still having contractions 
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    Lay on your left side, make sure you are hydrated and try to relax. If they continue or get worse call your doctor’s nurse line and ask if you should go back in.
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    Call your doctor's nurses line.  Tell them what is going on.  Our practice has you see various providers through pregnancy, just to at least see them as anyone of them could deliver for you - so they may have you see another provider in the practice.  I would touch base with them and they will have better answers.  Honestly, I wouldnt be comfortable waiting until next week. 
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    Thank you guy's and that's what I'm going to do is see a different ob at the new hospital since mine don't deliver till 38 and i have been getting plenty of rest and keeping up on my fluids it's just hard getting told my membranes have ruptured then being told they haven't has me worried because im still leaking clear fluid 
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    I hope you’re doing well. You can absolutely get a false negative. I went in 100% certain my water had broken. But I had stayed home for close to 8 hours so there wasn’t fluid left to get a positive. They ran the test multiple times and finally got a positive by sending it to the lab after swabbing clear up idk where. But it hurt. 

    Be sure to watch your temp (for signs of infection) and I’d do multiple kick counts per day. 
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