Pregnant after a Loss

Immediate pregnancy after MC

Hi ladies. I had a miscarriage on Nov 10th at 7 weeks and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant immediately after their MC? I haven't had another period since the loss but we have been having sex. So i guess I'm curious to what my chances of getting pregnant again so soon could be? Or if anyone else got pregnant immediately afterwards. Thanks!

Re: Immediate pregnancy after MC

  • Hey, we're in the same boat! I didn't get a chance to have a cycle in between. My midwife said we could get pregnant right away so we're not all that concerned as far as "is my body ready". The anxiety from everything else is still overwhelming. I hope you're handling it okay!
  • My OB told me the body treats a miscarriage like a period, and cycles will resume as normal almost immediately. We purposely chose to avoid becoming pregnant for a few months, but I can say my body was...more or less normal within 2 cycles.
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    I ovulated 16 days after my CP (which is within my normal range)

    *TW* loss details

    I did get pregnant immediately following, however this pregnancy also ended in a loss. That’s not what’s “supposed to happen”, in fact there’s a study out there that if you get pregnant within 3 months of loss your outcomes are better. But unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. I’ll also say that the farther along you are for your MC and the higher your HCG levels, the longer it may take for them to zero out and for you to ovulate again. 

  • I had my MC on 10/23 at just shy of 8 weeks, and it finally ended on 11/6.  I was tracking my BBT and was pretty sure that I ovulated around 11/14, so we tried, but were unsuccessful.  In the end it took me two cycles to conceive again, and I’m now 4w5d (and utterly terrified that it’s going to happen all over again).  

    All I could think about after the loss was getting pregnant again ASAP, but I didn’t really consider how I would feel once I achieved that (first pure joy, then pure terror). 
  • Hi, I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on Dec 13th. I had one regular period and then found out on Feb 13th that I am pregnant again!!! I feel the same... scared of miscarrying again but I am going to take it day by day and enjoy my pregnancy for however long it lasts! God willing I will have a beautiful baby in October!! 
  • I miscarried on December 11th after 3 frozen embryo transfers. It was our last embryo so we were devastated, depressed, angry, sad, and so disappointed. Fast forward to the first week of March and I realized I hadn’t had a period since late January so I checked in with the doctor and sure enough, we are pregnant! I’m now almost 10 weeks along but I’m TERRIFIED! I don’t go back to the doctor until April 14th and the wait is the worst. My last miscarriage had no signs at all- no cramping or bleeding or anything- just had an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. So even though I feel “normal” I’m still scared. It’s so hard to stay calm especially with this virus- anyone have tips on how to stay positive and not worry so much?? 
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