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GTKY-Nicknames for Baby

I saw this in the June due date group and thought it was cute.  What name are you calling baby right now?  I had a miscarriage years before my kids, it was just after we got married and an oops so it took us off guard.  I lost the baby but before we did we had started to call him/her Peanut.  When I was pregnant with my son I called him Jellybean so thus it kinda bore a pattern of nuts and candy lol.  My older daughter was Cashew and my younger one Gumdrop so we are back onto nuts this time around and I havent found one yet.  I was leaning toward Hazelnut but not sure if its too girls in some sense as Hazel is a girls name too.  I was also debating Walnut because apparently my husband was called that by my MIL when he was in womb.  Any other nut suggestions lol?  What are you calling your little one in womb right now?

Re: GTKY-Nicknames for Baby

  • we have never had a nickname. Not for this baby or DD. We just call him the baby. (Sorry... I'm boring lol)

    DD's sac and all looked like a duck when we had our 6ish week US so my mom called her ducky... but that kind of annoyed me lol

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  • Just "the baby" here. 
  • DD was peanut, and we still call her little peanut (she is super petite). This one we call meatball. 
  • I tried to make "little squish" happen with my first, but we only used that sporadically. It was mostly "the baby" or "it" because we didn't know the sex until birth. This time, I've mostly been referring to it by the fruit that it is for that week. It'll likely become mostly "the baby"/"it" again though knowing us.

    ETA: see? I already called it "it" several times just in this post! lol
    i love this name but DH and i use "squish" interchangeably for each other so that would be too much lol 
  • Usually DH just refers to the baby as "you know" and points lol, but sometimes callsl him/her sweet pea which i get butterflies over!!!  

    I have started referring to him/her as "the package."  And frequently text DH, mom and MIL saying things like "the package is secured" "the package just made it home" etc. DH and i joke that our mothers only care about "the package" and i am just it's "vessel" which is very funny but sometimes i wonder... :p

  • @kc0711 if I didn't have a theme I would totally use meatball. That's adorable!
  • Whatever fruit it/they are the size currently it/they is/are cherry(ies). :)
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 10/31/19.  Estimated due date 7/8/20 (pending sonogram confirmation on 12/6/19).

    Previous loss - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
  • I call it my little tadpole. That's what it looks like. Haha
  • Mine is BB8 or little one. BB8 will be more appropriate once the bump comes along. I did just get a newborn onesie that says 'BatBaby' on it so I imagine DH will start referring to her that way. I also got us matching BatDad and BatMom shirts. DH said that once the second trimester hits he is just going to wear it at work and see if anyone notices :lol:

  • @meri-mac I kind of love that idea - I get frustrated that I have to carry this huge announcement that I’m pregnant all throughout pregnancy (my belly), and my husband is equally about-to-have-a-baby but can choose when he does or doesn’t share this fact. He just saw a friend who is 8 weeks pregnant and said he’s just not going to say anything to her ever, and then show up with a new baby shortly after she has hers, to surprise her. Which I guess is fun but also makes me super ragey at the same time. So the BatDad shirt sounds super cute. 

  • @Pascal86 It was my idea for telling him if we got pregnant naturally. IVF kind of stole the surprise, but he loved it all the same. I'm having trouble waiting until the second trimester to announce it. I know it is the smart thing to do, but everyone keeps asking and I don't like lying to people.

  • We used sweet pea, peanut and bean with the girls but this time mostly just whatever it’s size is at the time. I’ve called this one by it’s size this week (a pea) but honestly... I’m having a little bit of a hard time connecting this time. I never thought I’d say that... Maybe this is for a different thread. With our loss last time I’ve just held myself back I guess so maybe this will help to think of something 😊 I also think I’ll feel a lot better at our next ultrasound if all still looks well! 

  • DD was Tadpole. We still call her Tadpole lol
    This one is Blue or Nugget. 
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  • My husband just kind of refers to it as “it”. I usually refer to it as it or whatever the size of it is right now “tomorrow my sweet pea will be a blueberry”. I have a hard time trying to remain happy and optimistic, yet my nurse head is trying to keep me too subdued and constantly reminds me of the statistics. It’s a constant battle. But happy to have a blueberry babe tomorrow! 
  • We called our first “teeny tiny baby” and are calling this one T2B2 for teeny tiny baby 2 😊

    Me: 33 DH: 31
    Location: Castle Rock, CO
    DD: 10.13.18
    baby #2 due: 7.14.20

  • @sunnyknightsarah I love it! It sounds like a droid from Star Wars

  • My fiance calls it Voltron. He says if he can get me conditioned to that name (which we'd never actually use) then he might be able to get a lesser but still eccentric baby name by me. Voltron stuck but he's not getting anything else past me!
  • @meri-mac I secretly think that’s what my husband wanted it to sound like hahaha

    Me: 33 DH: 31
    Location: Castle Rock, CO
    DD: 10.13.18
    baby #2 due: 7.14.20

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