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Probability of NOT having a MC

I LOVED watching the number go up when I was PG with DD and hope this helps some of you feel a little more at ease too.

I know this doesn't factor in *every* situation.... but it's good to see the numbers so high so early.

The data comes from this link:

Copying this from another birth month board.  I thought it may be helpful as we get through these early days.

Probability of NOT having a miscarriage
3W, 0D 67%
3W, 1D 67.10%
3W, 2D 67.40%
3W, 3D 68%
3W, 4D 68.70%
3W, 5D 69.70%
3W, 6D 70.80%
4W, 0D 72%
4W, 1D 73.50%
4W, 2D 74.80%
4W, 3D 76.40%
4W, 4D 77.90%
4W, 5D 79.50%
4W, 6D 81.10%
5W, 0D 82.70%
5W, 1D 84.20%
5W, 2D 85.60%
5W, 3D 87%
5W, 4D 88.30%
5W, 5D 89.50%
5W, 6D 90.60%
6W, 0D 91.60%
6W, 1D 92.50%
6W, 2D 93.40%
6W, 3D 94.10%
6W, 4D 94.70%
6W, 5D 95.30%
6W, 6D 95.70%
7W, 0D 96.10%
7W, 1D 96.50%
7W, 2D 96.80%
7W, 3D 97%
7W, 4D 97.20%
7W, 5D 97.40%
7W, 6D 97.50%
8W, 0D 97.60%
8W, 1D 97.70%
8W, 2D 97.80%
8W, 3D 97.80%
8W, 4D 97.90%
8W, 5D 97.90%
8W, 6D 97.90%
9W, 0D 97.90%
9W, 1D (and on) 98%+


Re: Probability of NOT having a MC

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  • blaf322blaf322
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    @pretzellover I can't access the site at work but, great add :smile: My link was pulled from DD's BMB so it's pretty old lol

  • @blaf322   This is great!  Thank you for sharing!  I am a math person...I need to see probabilities. :)

  • Truly my favorite stats!
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    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • Yay! I'm so glad others like this too. I was a tiny bit worried it could somehow trigger someone and I'd have to shamefully pull it lol

  • @blaf322 I have mixed feelings about the chart because TW - when I had my early loss a couple months ago, I was looking at this chart daily (like I have every pregnancy because I can be neurotic), and felt relieved when I got past 6 weeks... only to find out later that week that things had stopped progressing a couple weeks earlier. So now I don’t know how to feel about the chart but I can’t stop checking it anyway. 🤷‍♀️

    Glad you posted it though, since for my first pregnancy I spent a long time looking for something like this, and it’s a nice resource to have available!

  • Thank you for this! Needed to hear it today as I wait between hearing the heartbeat at 6w3d and my appointment at 10w! 
  • I'm obsessed with checking my stats every day.  I find it so reassuring. 
  • Thanks for posting! It’s nice to see the actual numbers go up!
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