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Monday Bitchfest 12/2

I didn't see this thread listed in our board organization, but I thought it might be needed after a long weekend with family.  :p  Put all your complaints here!


Re: Monday Bitchfest 12/2

  • The ob/gyn cancelled my first appointment on Friday b/c my records aren't there yet.  They never said that was a factor when it was scheduled.  I've put the hustle on RE's office but I know I'm now another week out from information and I'm frustrated.

    Had I not called them about moving appointment in first place wouldn't have happened and I could have just shown up ignorant to what they needed.  Hormones do not need this on Monday.

    Also, I have a crick in my neck complicated by a fusion from C5-7 so I can't always get it to release.
    Ok - my whining is over.

    Thanks for thread!
  • @bluguitarhannah that would have pissed me off for so many reasons! I'm sorry your appt is delayed :(

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  • My youngest sister has a 4 year old DD and. 2 month is ds. The 4yo is AWFUL. I haaaaate to be around her. Well, they were all at my house for Thanksgiving and my kids were getting ready to go to their dad's house and my 14yo dd said she would play baby shark on the piano for her. My sister came in and said, "if you dont STOP PLAYING THAT SONG I am not going to be very nice to you because I'm sick of hearing it all the time!" My 14yo dd went to her room and cried. I was pi$$ed. That song would have taken her 30 seconds., and my sister had zero right to talk to her that way. I went and talked to my daughter, then I came down and snapped at my sister and told her she needs to get off her @as and go apologize. She did, but she's been snotty ever since. You probably could've seen smoke coming out of my ears I was so mad. 
  • @modoodles WTF?! I'm glad she apologized but I'd have to call her out on her continued snotty behavior. She was in the wrong. What an ass.

  • @bluguitarhannah I'd be pissed too! I can't believe they didn't communicate with you at all and just canceled your appointment. I'm sorry. I hope it's rescheduled asap.

    @rachelredhead I'm sorry they're pausing the adoption process.   :/

    @modoodles wow, I cannot believe your sister treated your daughter like that! I'm sorry.

    My MBF is surrounding the long weekend with my ILs staying with us. They drive me CRAZY. My MIL mopes around and is all woe is me all the time. Also, she kept making comments about how they're "not her other grandparents" and implying my daughter doesn't like them. Literally 30 seconds after I walked in the door with DD, they said hi to her and asked for a hug. DD clung to me (she's 20 months, hasn't seen them in person since March, and had just woken up from her nap ~15 minutes earlier), and MIL goes, "she's ignoring us because we're not her other grandparents." Yeah, okay. *eyeroll*

    FIL, on the other hand, is just a complete inconsiderate a-hole. They got here Wednesday afternoon and stayed through this morning. He knows some guy he met on a model T tour who lives about 30 minutes from us, and he spent all day with him on Friday (literally all day: 9:00a-5:00p). We had a work dinner for me Friday evening and DD went with us (which he knew about), so he spent ~1 hour with her Friday. He apparently had plans to hang out with that guy again on Saturday, but the other guy ended up having a funeral so FIL was instead forced to spend the day with his son and granddaughter. Poor guy. Then yesterday he spent all day with that guy again. Left at 7:15am, came back at 5:45pm just in time to be fed. It took everything in me not to snap at him and tell him just to stay with the other guy on their next visit because he clearly values seeing him over his family. Whatever, I guess I should be thankful I didn't have to deal with him for those two days, but what a slap in the face to MH and daughter.

    Ok rant over. TLDR: my ILs suck.
  • @blaf322 I did, yesterday. She tried to dump off her 2month old ds on my mom & stepdad and it was my step dad's birthday. I told her that taking care of someone else's  needy 2 month old was not a fun way to spend your birthday. She tried to act like it was some gift 😂 and said I just hate her kids. I told her to stop being so dramatic, that she was just still mad that I called her out on how she acted at Thanksgiving. She sent a long rant about everything her kids have been left out of for the last year and I sent her a rolling eye gif. The other kids are all 7+. She was talking skiing and college football games. Get real. 
  • @modoodles bahaha... she sounds like a piece of work. Glad you called her out!

    @stlbuckeye132 I never feel bad when DD doesn't act like she likes people she's not around/doesn't see often. If you want her to like you, try harder!

    I said this to my other BMB, but it seems appropriate to share with you too, given your issues with your ILs... I wish I could just KonMarie my ILs. They were at my parent's house for Thanksgiving and being around my family at the same time as them made it SUPER obvious that they just bring me no joy. At all. DH and I had so much fun with my extended family and they made no one smile. I feel like it's time to thank them and throw them away :D 

  • @rachelredhead im.sorry your adoption process is being delayed. Is it just woth that specific agency, or are there others that may have different policies?

    @stlbuckeye132 uugh. Why do inlaws have to be so damn difficult? My sil sent DH a text last week saying that his "real" family should come first, because they're blood and the kids and I aren't. Basically she gets upset every time she sends a pic of her daughters and he doesn't immediately respond. Annoying. I'm so happy DH and I are on the same page with his family and letting that relationship go.  I tried so hard for 2 years to make a good relationship, but it was never reciprocated, so, I'm out. This will be their loss. 
  • @modoodles oy. sorry you had to deal with that. 
    @stlbuckeye132 sounds like a pleasant weekend with the inlaws! I hate grandparent wars. Kids are allowed to have different relationships with different family members. My mil worries that my daughter will be closer to my siblings than her other kids.. 
  • @bluguitarhannah sorry about the lack of communication from the new clinic and the delay in your appointment because of it. That just doesn't seem fair. I keep telling myself that although it's making me crazy to wait until January for the first real appointment and ultrasound, that there will be a lot more to see then. I hope they get you rescheduled asap!
  • modoodles said:
    My sil sent DH a text last week saying that his "real" family should come first, because they're blood and the kids and I aren't.
    I'm sorry, WHAT?!

  • @mrsdrez it's truly ridiculous. Both of our parents are states away from us, so it's not like DD sees my parents regularly either. Granted, they do make more of an attempt to see her, but that's not my fault you're not putting in any effort.
  • @stlbuckeye132 she's a twat. He sent her a thumbs up in response. This is only the 4th or 5th time in the last year he's heard something like that from her. I sent her one message after we were married saying  how inappropriate and hurtful that kind of remark was, but she never acknowledged it. That's how his family has been for a while. There is so much back story and drama there. His brother started dating and is now living with one of my husband's exes who cheated on him years ago. My DH said, date who you want, but I'm not going to be around her. So, his brother has been upset about that for over a year and when she didnt get invited to our wedding it made it worse. DH's family adores her and think we should've had her there. Wasn't happening, and they think we are in the wrong for it. They're just a mess that I'm thankful I don't  have to deal with anymore. They're going to be HOT when they find out about this pregnancy on fb probably because my DH has said he's not calling them.
  • @modoodles why would anyone want their ex at their wedding? Ugh. Your ILs are the worst.
  • @stlbuckeye132 agree. 😂 They are the worst. I dont know how my DH ended up so wonderful, he really and truly is the kindest, most loving, sweetest and funniest man on the planet. And he's pretty hot too!❤
  • jeez... your ILs are BSC @modoodles. You should definitely KonMarie them lol

  • I am so sorry, ladies! So many terrible ILs. I hope you all get a well deserved reprieve.

    We have an older client base and you would not believe the amount of them who think they deserve special treatment just because. Isn't that what they are always saying about millennials? The latest example is a woman who couldn't believe we were charging her shipping for her device. She said we had never charged her before, completely untrue, she just didn't remember it. In what world do businesses not charge for mailing a package to you? Just unbelievable entitlement. 

  • @meri-mac In the world of Amazon, paying for shipping is now something people baulk at. That said, SO annoying when people make a fuss over policies that have always been there! Pay up lady!
    (side note: I have a customer that freaks out over shipping every. single. time..... I've started just wrapping the shipping into the price of the item each time he orders so I don't have to hear about it. He's not mad about paying $17 more for the item but wigs out if that $17 is tacked on as shipping  :D )

  • I feel for so many on your in-laws.  Mine are super conservative (Christian) and I benefit from them mostly just ignoring my wife and I are actually a couple.  They call us roommates.  The rest of her family is delightful so I don't notice anymore after 9 years.
  • blaf322blaf322
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    @bluguitarhannah I'd have to correct them.... "sorry, not sorry! We're actually married!" Or maybe call each other lovers and make them super uncomfortable :D 

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    The few symptoms I was having have totally disappeared today and I’m freaking the f*ck out. Why can’t I just speed time until Friday. I’m so nervous. 
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  • @b_1029 ugh... I'm so sorry! It's so stressful when that happens!

  • @modoodles it’s a pretty common rule across agencies from what I can tell. And I do get it’s coming from a logical place of wanting families to be in stable positions when birth moms are making their choices (and maybe having an infant will be mildly disruptive). 😂 But I guess since the process normally takes so long, I just assumed we could continue the process while pregnant/with a baby since odds are we wouldn’t be matched until well after the baby was born anyway. Sigh. I can accept it because there’s really nothing to be done. Just a different path than we expected. We may poke around and see if other agencies would let us continue the process in tandem but my web sleuthing so far has come up pretty empty. 
  • @bluguitarhannah wow; that is close minded at its best! Reminds me of my super religious in-laws visiting us back when we were engaged & my 30-something husband telling them we were sleeping in different rooms!

    My MB is I had a video interview today at 1.30, with a major headhunter for a great job. But, I totally forgot. By some miracle my DS passed out for his nap in 2 minutes flat; I did hair, makeup, put on big girl clothes, prepped, downloaded them app and joined on time. 15 min later, jerk hadn’t shown up. So I sent a snarky informal email to his assistant. After I hit send I realized it’s TOMORROW. 🥴🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Oh nooooo @pretzellover! Shoot!

    I have another. I'm craving "Roman potatoes" from a restaurant I waitressed at when I was 19/20. That restaurant burnt down at least 5 years ago. 😭  I did send a fb message to my old manager (who is also a friend) asking for the recipe. She hasn't seen it yet. 
  • @pretzellover ugghhhh, that's the worst! At least the snark wasn't sent to him directly? I hope it goes well today!
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