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  • I just got out of a committee meeting, and man are committees annoying. I’m on a college committee tasked to help students access internship, research, and job opportunities. There’s this one guy who insists on questioning EVERYTHING and basically thinks what we’re doing isn’t going to work. A little skepticism is good but he honestly has nothing productive to say. Why even volunteer to help if you’re just going to be a sour-puss. 
    Me: 28  DH: 29
    BFP 08/25/19, EDD 05/04/20
  • We were in the middle of the crazy snowstorm and lost power, it’s been the most Monday Monday ever
    Me:30 DF:29
    DS1:Dec 13
    DS2:May 2020
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  • @drkoyya damn Donnie downers! Some people just can’t let progress happen without trying to trip it up

    my BF is that I got a $225 bill for my MFM ultrasound in the mail today. When we went to the appointment, they gave us a sheet that said our copay and the insurance’s negotiated rate. Idk where my husband put it, but I really don’t want to pay this unexpected expense. I believe the term is “balance billing.” 
  • @sunshinesea22 Dang those bills!! I do not know how anyone but a trained medical billing professional can even read what they are saying.Good luck on getting it resolved, hopefully it was a simple mistake that is easily fixed.
    Our Journey:
    Me: 37
    TTC since 2017
    3/18-9/18- IUI's
    11/18- IVF #1
    1/19- IVF #2
    8/19- DE Cycle #1- 5 PGS tested normal
    9/19- FET #1 Due 5/30/20
  • My BF is basically my entire school district, the leadership, and the asinine policies and procedures that make it almost impossible for me to do anything or even have any vision beyond teaching my 5 classes during the school day.
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