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FFFC 11/29


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Re: FFFC 11/29

  • So last night: I put away like half the food and loaded the dishwasher and ran it-- DH was asleep on the couch, but he had told me he was gonna put the food away, so I woke him up before I went to bed & told him he needed to get up and put the rest of the food away, so he did.... And I just realized he left one of the burners on all night! Thank god lit & burning gas rather than spewing gas! But I feel like I should have noticed, even though I left what was on the stove for him to deal with. Oops!
  • I don’t usually like to brag but I think my turkey and sides are better than DH’s family’s. DH must agree bc he told me that he was glad I was making another thanksgiving next Saturday since this one didn’t scratch his need for turkey. They all cook their turkey for way too long and mil uses this gravy mate stuff to make the gravy which I don’t understand since it’s super easy and in my opinion tastes better to make without it... 

    @kagesstarshroom glad it’s all ok but I hate when I accidentally do something like that. We have a griddle middle burner and you can’t actually see the flames unless you specifically look under it so that’s the one that always seems to get left on 
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  • @kagesstarshroom yikes! We once left our apartment for an out of town trip, realized we forgot something after driving for five minutes and went back, and found a burner on! We could have incinerated the entire building! 😳

    We have one out of town guest staying with us until Sunday, but I’m not changing any of our plans to accommodate him. We’ve been entertaining these guests since Monday and I’m ready to be done. My parents are watching DD tonight so H and I can go on a date (it’s been months) and tomorrow we have plans with friends. 
  • @kagesstarshroom i left the burner slightly on once when i lived in a tiny apt. Was a gone a few hours and whole apt smelled like gas. Luckily nothing happened but I felt like such a moron. 
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