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Group 3 (3/17-3/24) Check-in w/o 11/25


Team pink/blue/green

Baby is the size of a(n)


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GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby?

Re: Group 3 (3/17-3/24) Check-in w/o 11/25

  • EDD/W+D: 3/18, 23w5d

    Team pink/blue/green: pink!

    Baby is the size of a(n): chinchilla

    Cravings/Aversions: none as of late. I just keep eating too much and feeling sick and hating myself. 

    Upcoming appts: 12/17: glucose test

    Rants/Raves: i hate my ulcerative colitis. I really could use some time to rest and de-stress to get better but obviously the holidays are not gonna help that. So oh well. I wish DH would help me out more (he is really helpful in general, but I don’t think he appreciates how sick I am). 

    Questions: None that I can think of. 

    GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby? My friend gave us her halo bassinet (so nice!), but I want a fresh mattress for it. I need a toy chest (I have one in mind already) for DS’s big boy room. Need another monitor. Want to get zipadee zips for my baby nieces. I want to get DH a new office chair for Christmas. I need to get my friend’s baby a 1st bday present. I should really make a list bc there is a ton of stuff I need to get/do. Gah. 
    Me: 32 | DH: 35
    Married: 8/22/15
    BFP #1: 8/22/17 | DS: 4/20/18 
    BFP #2: 7/14/19 | EDD: 3/18/20
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  • Since group 4 seems to be all of 3 people, I think I’ll scoot over here just so I can join in on the fun.

    EDD/W+D: 3/27 22w + 4d

    Team pink/blue/green: pink! Revealing to family on Thursday!! 😁

    Baby is the size of a(n): 🥥 and apparently mr. Potato head today 😂

    Cravings/Aversions: just craving general comfort food, not the healthiest but I’m allowing myself to indulge a little over the holidays and will aim to eat better in the New Year. Still no strong aversions to anything.

    Upcoming appts: Regular OB check up on 12/3.

    Rants/Raves: We had a fantastic friendsgiving on Sunday with the most people that have ever attended and it wasn’t complete chaos! Had such a great time, it’s been a while since I’ve had some good social time. Ranting because with my new job I started in June, I have to work on Wednesday and on Black Friday for the first time in years (maybe ever?) and I feel like I have no time to get ready for Turkey Day or time to relax after.

    GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby? it’s becoming harder and harder to hold off buying things for baby, especially because I want the nursery done like NOW, but DH really wants to wait until we see what we get at our shower before buying anything which is smart. I have to work on Black Friday, but it’s because we have a huge holiday art market (I work at an art museum) so I may see if I can score some one of a kind things that wouldn’t be on the registry anyway!
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  • @silverhope sorry you have to deal with UC in top of all the already discomforts of pregnancy! Maybe you can have a little chat with DH about it, maybe ask him if he’s willing to take on a task or two to help lessen the stress for you!

    @creativesoul83 Aw yay! Are you doing a cute reveal to your family? I’m team pink too and so dang excited! I’m also working tomorrow and Black Friday, and we are very short staffed which makes working during a holiday week even more annoying! 

    EDD/W+D: 3/24 23 weeks today

    Team pink/blue/green: pink! 

    Baby is the size of a(n): grapefruit 

    Cravings/Aversions: craving all things sweet! Usually I’m big on candy but not craving candy at all - mostly chocolate, cake, cookies, ice cream. But I’m trying to stay away more bc I’ve been indulging everyday and I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I’m already 25 lbs up. 

    Upcoming appts: December 18th OB Appt and I’m not sure if they do the glucose test same time or if I schedule that afterwards

    Rants/Raves: I’ve been really worried the past few days about baby bc last week I was feeling little baby kicks (pops) a lot for a few days and now the past 4-5 days nothing. So I woke up in the middle of the night last night crying my eyes out worrying. Been contemplating going to L&D triage since I work here in the hospital anyway but maybe giving it another day. 

    Questions: None.

    GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby? I was hoping to find some stuff for the nursery on sale (crib, glider, dresser) but so far I haven’t come across any deals for the ones I want.
  • @creativesoul83 that sucks you have to work weds and fri! My old job made me do that too *eyeroll* the one good thing is it was usually so dead so it was always an easy day. Also ah, I did my baby shower at 35 weeks, which ended up being 2 weeks before baby came. So I had to buy nursery stuff before my shower or I would have been screwed ha. I didn't put most nursery items on my registry bc of this. But I'm guessing you're doing an earlier shower (which is smart). Have so much fun at the reveal on Thanksgiving. How are you revealing the sex? Cake? Balloons?

    @mrsc918 baby is gonna kick on and off for a while before it becomes consistent. I know it's hard to not freak out. When you get a chance, try to drink something cold and sugary (like the iced Starbucks chocolatey chip drink ha) and then sit down and focus only on feeling movement and see if she starts kicking you. Sometimes you have to quiet what you are doing to notice the kicks. 
    Me: 32 | DH: 35
    Married: 8/22/15
    BFP #1: 8/22/17 | DS: 4/20/18 
    BFP #2: 7/14/19 | EDD: 3/18/20
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  • @silverhope Did you make that list yet? ^_~*

    @creativesoul63 So sorry you have to work on days you are used to not having to work on =/ --but it's super cool that you work at an art museum! When I worked at movie theaters, we always had to work holidays, and that was the worst. They're never closed!

    @mrsc918 omg same re: feeling the kicks a lot last week and not so much now? I just got to 23 weeks Sat., too. weird! But it does make me feel slightly better that it's happening for you, too? Because I hope it's just our brains being dumb and like something that just happens? I'm going to try to take silverhope's advice above if I start to freak.

    : 3/21 23w3d

    Team pink/blue/green: not telling yet.

    Baby is the size of a(n): ...grapefruit?

    Cravings/Aversions: Normal aversions that haven't changed in weeks lol to spicy foods and garlicky foods--though I've slowly been introducing more slightly spicy things back into my diet--I'm scared to do so too much bc my heartburn was SO bad, but now it's laid off a little? I don't want it to return tho! No cravings at the moment, but I saw a tuna sandwich on TV or the internet or something and immediately wanted one the other day, so I have had tuna for lunch yesterday and today. Tuna is definitely NOT something I thought I'd ever want again during 1st tri/early second lol.

    Upcoming appts: Next Wednesday!

    Rants/Raves: Next week is the last week of classes and today is the last day I have to be in the building all week this week! I am buried under a pile of grading, though, that I should have started on over the weekend, but did not. Agh! In my office hours now, and they end in like a little under 2 hours and then I'm freeee. Well, except for this list of things to do, grading and otherwise. I've been feeling good lately, though! I'm always surprised when I notice how good I feel, since I have felt crappy for so long.

    Questions: Nope!

    GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby? We are so broke, IDK if I will be able to take advantage of deals, but our friend took some photos yesterday by the lake and at our house for a Christmas card, so maybe I can take advantage of a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for that, depending on the turnaround on the photos. 
  • @silverhope sorry about your colitis! That stinks.

    @creativesoul83 yay for a girl! Ugh working on Black Friday stinks. Been there! I’m sorry.

    @mrsc918 it could be that baby just changed positions. But I think you should call your doc just to check in. They might put you at ease or give you suggestions. 

    @kagesstarshroom I, too, have a mountain of grading to do. That’s what breaks are for, right? Ugh.

    EDD/W+D: 3/20 23+4

    Team pink/blue/green: pink!

    Baby is the size of a(n): grapefruit? But I feel like that’s actually smaller than a coconut, so...

    Cravings/Aversions: All the food. All the time.

    Upcoming appts: I honestly can’t remember, but I know I have my glucose test in mid-December.

    Rants/Raves: nothing major, but we have relatives staying with us for the whole week (arrived yesterday). So far it’s been fine, but I hate feeling like I have to constantly entertain. Now that I’m done with work for the week, I just want to lay on my couch in sweats and watch Netflix.


    GTKY: What (if anything) are you shopping for on Black Friday? Anything for baby? I stay far away from BF stuff, but I’ll probably do some on Cyber Monday. Mostly gifts for DD, I think? I don’t really need much for baby but if I see a deal on a Jujube diaper bag, it’s going down.
  • @kantobean HARD AGREE that a grapefruit seems smaller than a coconut! Like, fruits are relative!!
  • @kagesstarshroom I know it’s ridiculous but seeing the grapefruit sort of bummed me out. Like, isn’t baby supposed to be getting bigger??

    It feels more like I have a pineapple or cantaloupe in here!
  • @kantobean my roommate said they prolli meant pomelo, which made me feel better--those are like those super big grapefruits. 😬🙃
  • @mrsc918 @silverhope I’m doing a cake reveal! Ordered a cute cake topper from Etsy with turkeys on it that says “Waddle it be?” I made the cake today and it was tricky keeping the pink icing from mixing with the white but ultimately I triumphed!

    Also, @silverhope, yes we’re doing my shower early January so that my half-sister who is in college can attend since she’ll still be on winter break. So I should have a good 10-12 weeks to get everything together.

    @kagesstarshroom @kantobean thanks for the sympathy! I handle the private event rentals for the museum and there are never any private events held around the holidays, so I was always off at the previous event venues I worked. But now at the museum I also handle the organization of this art market event, so essentially I just have to be there in case the vendors need anything. If I felt like it was more essential that I be there I’d actually be less annoyed...

    @kantobean I want the flying keys Harry Potter Jujube so bad! But it looks like it’s out of stock everywhere now. I have it on my registry but I think I’m going to snag it as soon as it comes back in stock for fear it gets sold out again!
  • @kantobean i would be sooo cranky if relatives were staying at my house a whole week. I really, really am valuing my space lately. 
    Me: 32 | DH: 35
    Married: 8/22/15
    BFP #1: 8/22/17 | DS: 4/20/18 
    BFP #2: 7/14/19 | EDD: 3/18/20
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  • @silverhope yes I am definitely cranky. They’re H’s cousin and her husband. They’re nice people but it’s just exhausting always worrying about what they want to eat, scheduling our days so they can have one of our cars and not be trapped (our city doesn’t have good public transit), and feeling like I’m rude if I go to sleep at 8:30pm instead of staying up and socializing. 

    But mostly it’s just that I finally have a day off and I can’t be a lazy slob in my house, wear pajamas all day, eat sweets nonstop, and watch trashy Netflix shows. 
  • @kagesstarshroom how funny - I have been totally craving tuna sandwiches too this week!! I’m going to have them for lunch this weekend for sure! 

    @kantobean lol I hate the comparisons to FRUIT. Fruits are always all different sizes! I feel you on visitors staying over...I have my cousin and her husband coming into town for Christmas and staying with us for a couple nights. I’m super excited they are coming for the holidays BUT i hate feeling like now I have to entertain and host. I couldn’t imagine a whole week of it lol 

    @creativesoul83 Omg that is so cute!! I love that idea! 
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