March 2020 Moms

PGAL Check-in w/o 11/25

1. EDD/Days & Weeks:

2. Previous loss(es)? (If you feel comfortable sharing)

3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically?

4. Any appointment updates?

5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

6. Any milestones coming up? 

7. GTKY: How do you get your news?

Re: PGAL Check-in w/o 11/25

  • 1. EDD/Days & Weeks: 3/11 24+5

    2. Previous loss(es)? (If you feel comfortable sharing) two in 2015

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Emotionally I'm ok. This darn anterior placenta makes me freak the heck out daily because I don't feel him moving a ton still. ugh! Physically I just want to curl up in a ball and do nothing forever because I have so many aches and pains and I'm so tired all the time. I hate being such a complainer, but dang-it I just feel like sh*t. 

    4. Any appointment updates? I had a normal OB last week and everything looks great. I see the midwife group for the first time in two weeks so I'm really anxious to see how that goes. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm so effing annoyed that I failed my 1 hour glucose test by TWO points AGAIN. this has happened every pregnancy now, and then I take the 3 hour and pass with flying colors. I asked if I "had" to do it, and the OB was like... ehhhh. yeah you probably should just to be safe. wahhh. I don't wanna

    6. Any milestones coming up? Third tri is in two weeks. Which is SO insane to me. But also really exciting. I think that is probably just about the last milestone I have to look forward to until this babe is born. 

    7. GTKY: How do you get your news? I usually turn on the news in the mornings while I'm making breakfast but I only half-listen. I'm not a huge news watcher, but I'll read articles now and then just to be sure I'm up to date on the current world news. 

  • 1. EDD/Days & Weeks: March 10

    2. Previous loss(es)? (If you feel comfortable sharing) cp, loss at 8 wks, loss at 13.5 wks

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? emotionally, I've had a rough week.  the worries and the what-ifs are kind of starting to get to me, which is strange because I thought I'd put that behind me.  physically, worn out.. attempting to take a walk seems like a huge task these days.  

    4. Any appointment updates? check up dec 2nd, and a second anatomy scan coming up at some point

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I can't believe the 2nd tri is flying by so fast.. I feel like I have a million things on my to-do list that just aren't going to get done, especially with the holidays coming up.  I don't think I'm quite ready for this LO yet, but on the other hand, I can't wait until she's here. 

    6. Any milestones coming up?  I've passed my loss milestones, which helps. hoping for a better week next week.

    7. GTKY: How do you get your news?  I'll admit, I'm a news junkie (being a former reporter and all... lol.)  I read several different news websites daily (local and national), and I'll turn on the TV news in the evenings if I have time for it.  I don't subscribe to an actual paper though.  

    @miss.sally, that sucks about the glucose test.  I agree with the anterior placenta thing.. it's kind of a drag.
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  • @miss.sally My friend due in a few weeks failed hers and then for the three-hour one was, like, borderline? But she said she thinks she failed it bc she had cocoa puffs for breakfast, and that the nurse told her next time to eat eggs beforehand. I, too, have an anterior placenta and feel the same about movement. I am so grateful when I feel it, but then I'm a bit spoiled with it, you know, so when baby stops moving I get panicky if baby doesn't move again any time soonly.

    @treetop19 I am the same about the what-ifs suddenly returning, which is why I've been trying to post the PGAL thread on Mondays if I don't see it. My internet at home sucks though, so I don't always get to start the thread.

    1. EDD/Days & Weeks: 3/21 23w4d

    2. Previous loss(es)? (If you feel comfortable sharing) 1 cp in Oct. 2018 & an mmc w/ d&c in jan./feb/ 2019

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Emotionally, I am annoyed at my printer, which is a silly thing to be annoyed at, but I am REALLY annoyed. Also, as miss sally mentioned, with the anterior placenta, I get nervous sometimes when I don't feel baby. I just feel like--we've made it this far, I REALLY need for us to make it to March. I am too attached, and there's no point or reason to not be attached except self protection, but that wore off long ago. We're gonna make it, baby! I sing positive songs in the shower.

    4. Any appointment updates? Next appt. is next Wed.--I feel like this month DISAPPEARED. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Rant: I made shower invites for my shower so my mom didn't have to pay for them--and like, my printer is being such a bully. The paper I got is sort of thick, and sometimes it likes to feed the paper, no problem and other times--well, MOST other times, there's an error bc it doesn't want to feed it. I DON'T understand. I was supposed to send them our Sat. but I was lazy and thought I could get it done today but the printer has been suuuuucccchhhh a bullllllyyy erghhh. I should have just done it an easier way than this! But they look really pretty, so I am not giving up. I have like, half or more than half of them printed. Also, my roommate JUST walked into the bathroom in a towel, so I guess he is taking a shower, and NOW I'm annoyed he didn't ask me if I needed to use the bathroom before he did because I always do. Or he is just.... walking around in a towel. Could be that.

    6. Any milestones coming up? Just waiting to get to third tri!

    7. GTKY: How do you get your news? Mostly via NPR and twitter. 
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