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  • I really really want to go see Frozen 2, but my big kids went to it with their dad over the weekend, so now I'll have to go by myself 🙈 DH would go if I really wanted him to, but I know he'd rather be hunting. 
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  • I have my first US this afternoon, and I'd been planning on facetiming with my parents after it with DD in her "Big Sister" shirt to tell them the news, but now I'm second guessing my plan! They're visiting us after Christmas, and part of me really wants to tell them in person. I just am not sure I won't accidentally slip up and say something referencing Baby 2 to my mom before their visit since we talk on the phone every day. What to do, what to do...
  • @stlbuckeye132 good luck today!! Let us know what you end up deciding :smile:

  • I second @blaf322 suggestion on Lucie's List.  I still reference it all the time looking for reviews.  

    My random rant is that I need to start looking for supplemental work and I'm annoyed about it.  I usually work 10-15 hours a week as a recruiter and it's been great.  Super flexible hours and all from home. Unfortunately, the company I work for doesn't have many hours for me right now and it's not going to get better until maybe after the first of the year.  It's an opportunity to get more writing done (I want to launch a freelance writing business at some point) and it will be nice to have free time for the holidays but my husband is going to be so annoyed that I don't have income right now.  
  • What are everyone’s Thanksgiving plans this week if you’re in the US/celebrate Thanksgiving? 
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  • @b_1029   We are headed to my parents' about an hour away for the long weekend.  DH's Parents and grandfather are joining us for Thanksgiving day.  I'm so grateful that our families get along so well.  

    I am pretty excited for the same reason as @blaf322.  My parents are super awesome with helping out with DS when we are there.  I am so freaking tired these days, I am going to really enjoy some down time!

  • I just remembered another random. I have a friend who is expecting her first LO in June. She is planning on telling her family this week, after her 12 week appt on Wednesday. Anyway, she was visiting me a week ago and told me they already had names picked out either way, that she picked the girl name and her bf picked the boy name. My DH asked what they were and then immediately judged the boy name. (Which, is definitely nms, but YOU CAN'T DO THAT DH!!) Clearly my husband needs some training!

    FWIW, the girl name was Ella. The boy name was Clovis. 😬
  • @modoodles DD's name is Ella, so I'm a fan of that <3 Clovis though :# did he judge the boy name in front of her?

  • Ella is so sweet ❤

    He totally judged in front of her. Like, laughed and said, "you cant name a kid that! He will get made fun of so much for a name like that!" 

    He EVENTUALLY caught my glare and stopped talking, but I felt so bad. This is DH first baby, so he doesn't understand yet the frustration of having a name picked out and getting negative feedback on it. Or he's just completely obnoxious. I'm telling myself it's the first one though. 
  • bahaha... omg! I can't believe he did that. You must have been DYING. Like, let me crawl in a hole and pretend I don't exist right now. It's pretty terrible, but you're absolutely right, never judge in front of the person telling you the name!

  • @modoodles I’m sorry... CLOVIS?!!! I can see why YH judged but how embarrassing that it was right in front of them 🤦🏼‍♀️
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  • That is exactly how I was feeling! The big dope. I'm super excited about name choosing, and I love hearing what names other people pick. Even if they are awful hahaha.
  • @modoodles I'm actually not excited about choosing a name. I feel like I'm going to walk away not loving whatever we choose. DH didn't really have much input with DD's name. Like, he just liked what I chose and that was it. He has more of an opinion this time and I'm worried I'll always wish the name was something different that I loved but he veto'd b/c we seem to have different types of names that we like. I could be totally wrong. But that worry is kind of taking away from the excitement.

  • @modoodles tell YH that he is the reason people like me keep names secret until baby is born. :lol: Not that I would ever choose something like Clovis though! Yikes.

    Our Thanksgiving plans are my ILs are staying at our house for 5 days. It'll fine, it'll be fine, it'll be fine.  :|
  • @modoodles oh no! How awkward. The straight face support when hearing names is key. I once had a coworker tell me their out there name and I hope I conveyed a straight face. 
    I won't tell anyone, in real life anyway, any name that we have picked out until baby comes for many reasons but that's one of them. Also I lovelovelove surprises lol. 
  • @blaf322 my DH seems to like EVERY name, which I think will make narrowing it down difficult. Although, we had been planning on trying for about a year, and then started trying in August, so we had a name list going for a while. I think we did actually agree on a boy name already. It may change over the next billion months ahead of us, but right now it feels right.

    -Graham Grey Lastname
  • @modoodles love the name Graham!
  • @modoodles love that name! Grey/Gray is a contender for us... for first or middle too.

  • @modoodles I'm also contemplating seeing Frozen 2 likely by myself and I don't even have kids I can pretend saw it without me, I just want to see it. Also, Clovis is rough.

    I'm getting excited because my mom is in town and we're going to tell her about the tiny human Thursday! I'm just hopeful I don't feel too bad between now and then (current symptoms are very mild nausea, being exhausted, and giant boobs, none of which should be too big a giveaway given that most of my clothes fit and I can blame long days at work on the tiredness). I got my mom a bracelet that has a charm that says "Grandma est 2020" and am trying to figure out how to film her opening it without her seeing me.

  • I hate crackers. I'm so tired of eating them and when I'm done with this nausea, I never want to see another cracker without dip again. Ever. The thought of them almost makes me gag right now.... but also, I require them to function.... so there's that. This. Blows.

  • Clovis?!? 😬 I don’t think I’ve ever heard that name before... it’s a name? I probably wouldn’t have been able to hide my facial expressions 😂 I’m good at biting my tongue but my face usually says it all. 

  • @millpe&nbsp;😂 dead bahaha

    A friend from DD's BMB chose a pretty terrible name for one of her kids and, I swear, my eyes bleed every time I read it. It's so bad.

  • I think anyone naming their kid Clovis needs to go into it with full awareness of how people will react to it. Normally I agree that you shouldn’t make fun of someone’s potential names... but usually that name isn’t Clovis. 

  • I'm pretty sure I know someone with a pet lizard named Clovis.  🤣
  • @modoodles I love the names graham and Grey! 

    I want to pick family names at least for the first names but now I’m very conflicted on the boy name. I always wanted to do my birth mother’s last name (Clark- also coincidentally the name of the street DH and I officially met on in Chicago) but we aren’t like super close and now I’m really close with my birth father...so I’m worried he’d be offended haha. Luckily we have a long time to worry about it. The official first name of our first boy will have to be Robert to keep with DH’s family tradition (it always cracks me up to know his first name is Robert) but we’d call him by his middle name like how DH is 
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    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
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  • @modoodles please tell me that is a family name??
  • I told my mother if i had a girl i would name it after her.her middle name is Jene'
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  • My boyfriend keeps saying he wants to name the blueberry "Potato."  He's only half-kidding.
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  • DH wanted to name a boy Lars Ragnar, he wanted a strong Scandinavian game. He was dead set on it. I’m pretty sure god heard my cries and made DD a girl so that kid did not get teased mercilessly  :D Thankfully since then we have come up with a good boys name that is still a strong Scandinavian name.
  • @kc0711 nope! Graham is just a name I love, and Grey is a nod to Grey's Anatomy 🙈  I have four older kiddos with family middle names, and 17 nieces and nephews. Our family name pool is getting pretty small! 
  • @kc0711 I just realized you may have been asking about the name Clovis LOL! No, it isn't a family name either. It is a nod to some arrowhead or somethign that my friend's boyfriend found a few months ago.

  • @laurad75 what supplemental work are you looking for? I'm a SAHM but I am trying to launch my photography business but it's slow going for now. Since the realization that soon we will be a family of 6 hit my husband has said I need to do something while my business is getting off the ground or something. I have been looking into VIP kids teaching English to kids in China. There are a lot of videos out there about the process and program if you want to look it up. I'm a little daunted by the hours and passing their interviews but I'm considering it. Trying to think what else I can do while still being home.

    @modoodles I'm taking my kids tonight to see Frozen 2. I'm excited as I don't have a clue what the story is about yet so it will be nice to experience a brand new Disney again. My kids can't wait too. Hope you got to see it. Buttered popcorn sounds so delicious to me right now

    My random is I'm coming down with something. My throat hurts and I'm losing my voice. Just what I need when I'll be off with my kids for 4 days straight.

  • @enchantindragon There is an online service called flex jobs where you can search for PT/ remote jobs.  If I can find something in copywriting or more recruiting I will go that route.  I haven't really started yet but there is stuff out there.  Flex jobs you have to pay to join so they know everyone is seriously looking for opportunity. 
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