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JT/JD Boys name

We like the idea of a name using initials and are pretty set on Jarett or Jarhett for the first name, but are looking for thoughts on the middle name combination. Also, wondering if anyone think Jarhett would get butchered when people try to pronounce it.  Thanks!  
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JT/JD Boys name 20 votes

Jarett Tennyson
10% 2 votes
Jarett Trae
0% 0 votes
Jarett Dawson
90% 18 votes

Re: JT/JD Boys name

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    caseyw8784caseyw8784 member
    edited November 2019
    I do think people might get stuck on the spelling Jarhett, and pronounce it like "Jar-het" (i know i pronounced it like that in my head when i first read it!) And I voted for middle name Dawson. I don't care for the spelling of Trae, and Tennyson I like, but paired with Jarett I think there's too many T sounds...
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    I also read it as Jar-het in my head first even though I figured it wouldn’t be said that way. Also really like it with Dawson! 
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    I think Jarhett will get butchered as Jarhead. I also agree with PP, I dislike the Trae spelling (I’d prefer Trey) and Tennyson seems very formal and last name ish. Suggesting Drake, Thomas, Taylor, Tyler, Troy, and Duke as middle names.

    JB, JC or JP are other initial nicknames you might explore.
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    Jarhett would get a lot of questions or mispronunciations.
    I picked Dawson. 
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