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Completely spaced and ate a cold Turkey wrap for lunch. It wasnt until I took the last bite that a coworker mentioned that she thought lunch meat was off limits. Not gunna lie kinda freaking out now 😵😵

Re: Whoops

  • I’ve eaten cold cuts off and on 🤷🏼‍♀️ Usually i
    microwave them. The concern is listeria which you can also get from other things like cantaloupe. 

    This may help relieve some worry. Your chances are low of contracting listeria. 

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  • I slipped up and ate some lunch meat a few weeks ago, too, and nothing happened. I wouldn't take my chances all the time but I think overall the risk is low.
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  • I eat lunch meat on purpose all the time, the risk is so small, it's the same if I have a salad with spinach or ice cream.
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