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PGAL and needing to write it out

I know this board is slow, but once upon a time it was a lively supportive place. And I need to put this out there somewhere.

I got an unexpected BFP last Friday. MH and I have two daughters, with a history of losses before and between them (3 losses). We weren't planning to try again, partly because we were happy with two rainbows, and partly because I didn't want to face another loss. But we'd had unprotected sex this cycle and I wanted to test before having a drink at 11DPO - and a second line appeared. I'm still a bit in shock.

A 3rd child would require some rearranging of life, and would mean we'd have two under two (eek), but I'm happy and I'm very much hoping this baby stays. I've had 3 losses, and we have a known genetic issue that heightens our chance of loss to 25-33%. Based on our history we may have another undiagnosed issue, too (since prior to this we had a 60% loss rate). So I'm taking each day very cautiously. I ordered a pack of Wondfos so I can test every day to try to reassure myself.

I'm feeling weird about calling to make an appointment, because I don't want to have to cancel it. My first loss was a blighted ovum, but my other two happened just prior to the 6 week mark. We're taking a trip that starts the day I hit 6 weeks, so I'm very worried about miscarrying during what was supposed to be a fun family vacation. I'm simultaneously preparing for a pregnancy that continues and one that ends soon. I guess I just take it one day at a time. And maybe start journaling, haha.
2/13 Blighted ovum, D&C -- 6/13 MC -- 8/14 DD born -- 3/17 MC -- 9/18 DD2 born
Expecting again -- EDD 7/27/20

Re: PGAL and needing to write it out

  • @treeofcheem have you called the ob to see if your levels are rising appropriately??? Wondos will not give you the most accurate results.
  • Oh, I know. But for my own sanity, Wondfos are doing the trick. I haven't decided if it's worth trying to get betas run; I didn't have them my last two pregnancies, and the time before that it was a stressful fight to get ONE set run (which is virtually worthless). For now, I'm not dealing with that ish.
    2/13 Blighted ovum, D&C -- 6/13 MC -- 8/14 DD born -- 3/17 MC -- 9/18 DD2 born
    Expecting again -- EDD 7/27/20
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  • FWIW, getting my levels done didn't exactly do anything except maybe give me false hope. They were rising perfectly and were smack dab in the middle of the range...until one day they weren't. With this pregnancy, I decided no HCG checks. No progesterone checks. No early ultrasounds. I was just going to wait it out. I stand by that decision. No more limbo. 
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