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  • @keikilove and @ziggymama06 thank you both! I've been using the same digital reader for 4 cycles (this being my fourth) because my girlfriend gave me a bunch of her leftover strips (she got pregnant very quickly lucky girl :)) so I haven't needed to buy a new box. I'm wondering if maybe the reader is just not calibrating because I've used it too much. So, I'm just trying to pay extra close attention to CM because I normally see a bit of EWCM the day before or day of the solid regards to the RE, I definitely think I'll be trying to find another one if my test results indicate that I will need some medical intervention to get KU. I didn't want to delay the process of getting lab tests done, so figure once I get the results on 12/6, I can take those results to another doctor for a second opinion and hope for a better personality match. 
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    @gladmamma There are definitely ladies on here who have very wide ranges of ovulation and been successful.  I think maybe if you ovulated too early that could be cause for concern but later is usually OK

    edit - and I think the 26 day cycle would only be a cause for concern if you had a short LP. I’m thinking since O is later for you this month then you will have a longer cycle than 26 days 
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  • @bows22 thanks for your response! From what I can tell my LP is usually 11-13 days so I'm not terribly concerned. Honestly, this RE just had the attitude of "you're a broken little thing (who doesn't know anything), but don't worry because with all of my expertise and power I will come in and fix everything" it was arrogant and not very sensitive or intuitive.
  • Someone else analyze my chart with me and tell me I’m not crazy for having no idea if I ovulated super early this month lol. I had what I though was residual “semen” CD 9/10 but now that I’m thinking about it, it could have been EWCM and I just discarded it because I usually ovulate super late. But this is my first cycle I’ve been taking a supplement to help regulate ovulation lol chart attached in spoiler what do you think is this an early ovulation or just a random temp shift?

  • @tryingktogku try putting in a higher temp for tomorrow and the day after, nothing crazy just .2 degrees or so each day, and see if you get crosshairs. 
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  • Since I basically stopped looking at ff since confirming O, I didn’t realize that there were two different period estimated dates. The calendar says it should be tomorrow, which is the one I have been going off of, and the chart says that I should have gotten it this past Sunday. Has anyone else noticed that before? 

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  • @blackgirlmagic that might be because CD29 was the last day you entered any data? That's the only thing I can think of for why the chart doesn't go past Sunday.
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    @blackgirlmagic How long were your previous cycles? I’m just guessing that FF is estimating your period date based on previous months since you didn’t enter much info after O. Just my guess, not sure if this is helpful since it’s sometimes hard to understand why FF does what it does haha. 
  • @keikilove last month was my first cycle charting this time around and that was 17 dpo. Previously my cycle averaged about 12 dpo. 
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  • I have a “chicken or egg” kind of question: what comes first, EWCM or positive OPK/ovulation?
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  • @krystrist2014 I think it depends on the individual body. Personally I get EWCM a day or two before a positive OPK, and then get two days of positive OPKs. Once you Chart for awhile your personal pattern should become clear. Many women have EWCM for the entire fertile week, and some women have none at all. 
  • Alright so I’m not sure if I’ve O’d or not what do y’all think? FF isn’t giving me crosshairs but temps staying up and although I wasn’t paying attention to my CM I plugged in EWCM the days I felt frisky because I had CM I just thought it was left over semen lol 

    I took OPKs the last two days and obvs they were negative because I either Od already or haven’t yet. 

    Also plugged in my last cycle chart for reference! 

  • @tryingktogku looks like one more higher temp will confirm O. General rule of thumb is 3 temps that are higher than your last 6. You'll probably get your crosshairs tomorrow. 
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  • @keikilove thank you! I wasn’t sure and last night saw EWCM but had done an OPK Around noon yesterday and that had come back negative. 
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